On the Police Logs 05.09.13

East Hampton

A jacket containing a new iPhone and $80 in cash was removed from a locker at the recreation park on Abraham’s Path while its owner, Seguado Tacyri, played soccer on April 12.

A jar of prescription pills was stolen last weekend from Cindy Voripaieff’s house on Oakview Highway. The thief apparently got past two large dogs while Ms. Voripaieff was away. She made the report Sunday night.

An Accabonac Road resident, Peter Bobeck, told police he’d received an unwelcome visit last month from an ex-girlfriend, who, he said, had thrown grass and dirt on his vehicles. Police advised the woman not to return to the property, to which she agreed.

East Hampton Village

A tent being set up in front of the Outdoors Store, newly relocated from Amagansett to Park Place in the Reutershan parking lot, caused consternation for one village resident, who phoned the police last Saturday to complain. Outdoors’s manager, Barry Adelman, said he’d gotten permission from Larry Cantwell to allow radio station WLNG to set up the tent and broadcast live. Police confirmed same, and on went the show.

Police were summoned to the bus stop in front of the  Huntting Inn on Main Street last Thursday night, where two cab drivers were having a he-said-she-said dispute, each accusing the other of stealing fares. The female cabbie told police that the other driver, a man, had threatened to “knock her out.” The two were instructed to keep away from each other.

An East Hampton woman walking on Gingerbread Lane Friday morning was accosted by a white poodle that was being walked off-leash and bit her on the calf. The victim, who speaks only Spanish, was unable to communicate with the dog owner, who was described only as a woman. The victim went to police headquarters to report the incident, accompanied by a friend who translated.

A Woods Lane man reported a deer with a broken leg in his yard. An officer contacted animal wildlife, which advised that deer can survive on three good legs and that the man should open his gate to allow the wounded animal to escape, which he did.

Anne Porscelli was crossing Main Street at Park Place with her dog when she was almost struck by a 2010 Subaru with Florida license plates. She exchanged words with the driver, who, she told police, got out of the car and said, “I will take care of you right here,” before driving away.

A bicycle was reported stolen from behind the J. Crew Store on Main Street last week. No description of the bike, valued by its owner at $250, was given.  


The boat Oh Brother was left for repair in the parking lot at Gone Fishing Marina on April 30 by its owner, Robert Aaronson. When Mr. Aaronson returned the next morning, a Makita high-speed buffer, a Ryobi cordless drill pack, and two Ryobi impact drivers were missing from the boat, which apparently had been accessed by someone using a ladder. Gone Fishing’s manager, Norma Bock, told police the marina does not have surveillance cameras covering the area in question. The stolen items were valued together at $1,000.

 David Kollender of Franklin Drive told police last week that the silver-painted mailbox in front of his house had disappeared sometime over the last two months. Its post is missing as well.


Devan Presant of Middle Island parked her Ford Focus in front of the Clam Bar all day and returned to find that its rear driver’s-side window had been smashed.

Sag Harbor

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the date in 1862 that a weaker Mexican army turned back French invading forces in the city of Puebla. Sag Harbor celebrants attempted a re-enactment of the battle, with altercations that night between intoxicated men reported outside La Superica and the 7-Eleven on West Water Street.