Running Amok in the Yard

    An enraged man made quite a mess of a front yard on Granada Place in the early morning hours Sunday.
    Toby Logue called police to report that a man he’d worked with in the past was very drunk and running amok in his front yard, destroying various items there. Mr. Logue said he’d been awakened by the sound of his front door slamming and “a grunting sound.” The man fled the scene before officers arrived.
    Police found that a wooden bench had been picked up and hurled back down, damaging it; a tree stump had been dragged so as to block the front door, and a large wooden barrel, lawn furniture, a metal fire pit, and a walkway light had been tossed around. A bush by the driveway was missing several branches, according to the report.
    Mr. Logue declined to press charges but asked that police pay a visit to the man, who was not identified in the report, and advise him to stay away from Granada Place.
    Police did visit the man soon after and described him as extremely intoxicated. He told them he’d seen Mr. Logue earlier that evening at Zum Schneider, the German-style beer hall in Montauk, which had had a beer festival on Saturday. Though the report is heavily redacted, it appears that he was jealous of Mr. Logue because of the person in his company.