Cops Couldn’t Convince Her

    A Wainscott woman who refused to be searched at East Hampton Town police headquarters following a car crash Sunday afternoon stripped off all her clothes in protest, according to the arrest report.
    Responding to a call reporting the 5 p.m. crash on Springs-Fireplace Road near Shadom Lane, police came upon a 2004 Chrysler that had gone off the road into a tree. The driver, Skyler M. Boothe, 33, told the officers she’d been talking on her cellphone and had lost control of the car.
    According to police, she “had slow, sluggish demeanor and poor coordination.”
    She refused to get out of her car, the police said, and tried to lock the car doors. She was finally taken from the car, but police decided not to ask her to perform roadside sobriety tests, “fearing for her safety.” She was arrested, however, on a charge of driving while intoxicated, and taken back to headquarters. Upon arrival she consented to have her blood drawn for a drug test, the results of which are pending.
    Before escorting her to a holding cell to await arraignment the next morning, a female officer attempted to search her. “The defendant removed all of her clothing and refused to put her clothing back on,” according to the report. “Numerous attempts were made to try to convince [her] to put her clothing back on, with negative results.”
    The next part of the report is redacted.
    Ms. Boothe later complained of pain in her neck and was taken to Southampton Hospital, where she was treated and released back to the police.
    Bail was set the next morning at $500, which was posted. Ms. Boothe, who faces an additional charge of driving while impaired by drugs, is due back in court today.
    On Main Street in East Hampton early Sunday morning, village police spotted a Dodge Dakota swerving in and out of lanes and pulled it over, leading to drug and alcohol charges against the driver, Andres F. Gutierrez, 26, of East Hampton. After failing a field sobriety test, police said, he was searched, and found to be in possession of a folded $50 bill which, according to the report, contained a white powder. Police tested the powder on the spot, and said it turned out to be cocaine.
    Back at headquarters, charged with D.W.I. and possession of a controlled substance, Mr. Gutierrez agreed to take a breath test, resulting in a reported reading of .09, just above the legal level. Bail was set later that morning at $700.
    A man charged with two felonies drew the interest of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency on April 27.
Town police had charged the man, Roberto G. Contreras, 37, of East Hampton with felony drunken driving and unlicensed driving, which becomes a felony when D.W.I. is involved, after stopping his 1999 Chevrolet truck, with Illinois plates, on Springs-Fireplace Road at a little after 4 a.m. He was later found to have been convicted of D.W.I. in 2006 under a different name, Moreno P. Jiminez.
    His breath test resulted in a reported .11 blood-alcohol content. Bail was set later that morning at $10,000, and Mr. Contreras was turned over to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.
    Immigration officials have put a hold on him, meaning that he would not be released even if he made bail.
    A Montauk driver who was pulled over last Thursday night for talking on a cellphone was eventually arrested on a D.W.I. charge. Jonathan M. Bennett, 45, was headed south on Flamingo Avenue near Edgemere Road in Montauk when he was stopped. He refused to take the breath test at the station house, police said, meaning that his license was automatically suspended.
    Bail was set the next morning at $500.
    On May 7, a Springs man was arrested on the same charge following a one-car crash late at night on Old Stone Highway there. Henry M. Guzman, 29, was reportedly standing beside his 2013 Toyota at the intersection of Old Stone Highway and Westway when police arrived. He failed roadside sobriety tests, according to the report, and later declined to take the breath test.
    He was released on $250 bail the next morning, with his driving privileges automatically suspended. He will be back in court at a future date.