On the Police Logs 5.16.13


A Stihl chainsaw and a Jaquelyne armchair were taken from a Surf Drive house early last month. To replace the missing items it will cost about $800.

East Hampton

Three screens were cut over the winter months in an apparent attempt to gain entry to a Cedar Street house. The owner, Scott Smith, told police on Friday that the house had been unoccupied from January through April. Despite the damage to the screens, valued at $60 each, there was no break-in.

Deborah Lester left her Three Mile Harbor residence last Friday morning. When her son, Justin Schellinger, went there after noon, he found that a screen on the front window had been pushed in. Whoever did it was apparently scared away by Ms. Lester’s dogs, as nothing inside seemed out of place. That was not the end of Ms. Lester’s worries, though. The next day her 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, which was parked on Poplar Street, was keyed, causing $200 in damage to the paint.

East Hampton Village

Police investigating reported “cursing and shouting” on Newtown Lane one afternoon last week came upon a Montauk 17-year-old “who was attempting to free-style rap.” He was asked to take his artistry elsewhere, which he did.

A deer was reported to be in the ocean off Main Beach last week, but police could not spot it.

Police received three calls last week about a homeless man with whom they are familiar. The third call came from a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, who said the man had been sleeping at the church all winter and wondered whether there was anything police could do to help him. Police explained that he appeared to be of sound mind and has repeatedly turned down offers of assistance.


Thomas Olden reported the disappearance of six ceramic flower pots, valued at $50 apiece. They were stolen last month from outside the Cross Eyed Clam on West Lake Drive.

Northwest Woods

Marilyn Ruda’s wind chimes and brass thermometer have vanished from their place outside her Musket Lane house.

Sag Harbor

On the afternoon of May 7, police received a report of a disturbance on Main Street. An officer found a man playing with puppets, and reported that he did not seem to be a threat to himself or others. No action was taken.

A Howard Street woman came into headquarters last week to report her Tiffany diamond-stud earrings, valued at $38,000, missing. Edwina Annacelli told police she was in the middle of a divorce, and gave police the name of a suspect.

Mark Flanagan was painting the laundry room in the house he’d recently purchased when he came upon a 12-gauge shotgun, apparently the property of a previous owner, on a shelf. He notified police.


A Gardiner Avenue house was burglarized on the afternoon of May 7. Kevin, Chris, and Amanda Foran told police almost $2,000 in cash, along with a number of pieces of jewelry, had been stolen. The thieves came in through the back door and took items from several rooms.

On May 6 a Pembroke Drive house was burglarized, also during the day, but nothing of value was taken.


Eggs were thrown at a Sayre’s Path residence late last month, according to the owner, Paula Dagen, whose caretaker alerted her to the damage, said to be about $200.