On the Police Logs 5.23.13


A wallet containing $20 and an East Hampton High School I.D. card was stolen last Thursday from Jeffrey Yusko’s 2012 Honda Civic, which was parked on Katie Lane. Mr. Yusko told police that his son was at a party at a house there, and that his 17-year-old daughter’s wallet was in the car.

East Hampton

An expensive steel mailbox with a mahogany and cedarwood post, valued at $1,380, was pulled out of its concrete base on May 2 and laid down on the property of the owner, John McCue of Miller Lane. Three days later, the box vanished entirely, only to reappear, fully installed, on May 11. Mr. McCue surmises that a neighbor knocked it down accidentally and quietly repaired the damage.

Tiffany King of Atlantic Avenue estimated the damage to her 2001 Dodge Caravan at $200 after finding its rear passenger-side window shattered last Thursday night.

East Hampton Village

Police were called to the Methodist Church on Saturday evening following a report that a man was “scaring all the women and children in the church and disturbing the service.” He had left by the time officers arrived, but was found soon after and told to stay away from the church.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church also had an unwelcome visitor last week, the homeless man who has been sleeping there on and off ever since the winter. Police warned him not to return, as they have done on other occasions. This time, though, he was told that if he was found sleeping in the church again he would be arrested for trespassing.

Police were called to Egypt Close Saturday night to quell an eruption of “human noise, yelling, singing, shouting, etc.” The officer found only silence on the street, and marked the call “unfounded.”


A recycling permit was removed from a 2012 Ford parked on Fairview Avenue sometime between April 1 and May 10, according to the truck’s owner, Bruce Sobolov.

The owner of a South Davis Avenue residence, James Cooper, told police last week that his house had been entered during the winter while he was away, and three Tag Heuer watches, which can retail for several thousand dollars apiece, were missing from an upstairs bureau drawer. Nothing else was reported stolen.

Two men who say they are with the “Kabbalah Center” have been going door to door in Montauk, leaving pamphlets and materials behind. One of them entered a Webster Avenue house, telling the startled homeowner that he thought the house was an office.

Police received a call on May 14 at about 9 p.m. that there was “a man stopping cars, asking for help, and that he had somebody wanting to hurt him.” Officers found that a fight had broken out between two men at a party after a woman threw a drink at one of them. Police advised the men to stay away from each other.

Lawrence Katz told police that hunters had been near his house in March when several windows were shot out, apparently by buckshot. He estimated the damage at $1,000.


A side door at Banzai Burger was pried open at some point this winter, possibly by a squatter. Police checked the interior and found it in order.


The rear window of a 1999 Saab parked on Harrison Avenue was shattered two weeks ago by an unknown object. Julie Strong estimated that the damage will cost $250 to repair.