On the Police Logs 06.06.13

East Hampton Village

A Huntting Lane house appeared to be abandoned to three tourists from Oklahoma who were taking in the sights of East Hampton. They drove onto the property on May 29 to photograph the architecture and explore the estate. But the property was not vacant, and a 79-year-old man who lives there came out of the house and went after the three women with a wire garden rake. The man told them to get off his property, and the women got back into their rented car and drove off, but not before the man smacked the hood of the car several times with the rake, scratching it. The women reported the incident to police but said they didn’t want to press charges. The man told police he will “use better judgment in the future.”

Police received a report on May 29 that two teenagers were “making out in the park.” They left after an officer told them that Herrick Park is a “family-oriented place.”

Two potted plants were stolen from Park Place after the Memorial Day weekend.


The driver of a Ben and Jerry’s delivery truck told police on May 21 that he had returned to his truck after making a delivery at Buddha Berry on South Euclid Avenue only to find five cases of Cherry Garcia ice cream and 10 cases of Half Baked ice cream bars missing.

A Purchase, N.Y., woman had her iPhone stolen from her purse while she was at the bar at the Memory Motel late on May 24, the start of the Memorial Day weekend. Elise Bronzo told police she had the phone in her handbag, which was on her shoulder, when somebody standing close to her bumped into her, after which her phone was missing.

John Alters of Miller Avenue had his beach cruiser bicycle stolen from his front yard last week. He called police about the theft on Friday, valuing the bike at $100.

Sag Harbor

On Saturday police responded to a call from a Rysam Street woman who reported seeing a young girl pushing a baby carriage down the street without an adult. An officer found the girl and took her home. Her father, who had been napping on the couch, said they had been to the beach that day and that the screen door had been locked when he took his nap.


Vandals struck two Runnymeade Drive houses around midnight Saturday, slamming the mailboxes in front of the houses with a club of some kind. Sebastian Delasnerie told police he had heard a noise between midnight and 2 a.m. Sunday but hadn’t investigated further. He discovered the damage later on Sunday.