Another House Burglarized

    The reported string of costly burglaries here continued this week, with a house on Martingale Court in East Hampton being the latest target.

    When Marla Behrman returned to her seasonal rental on the secluded cul-de-sac off Buckskill Road Sunday afternoon after a week away, everything at first looked fine. Then she noticed that the toilet seat in the master bathroom was up, and a plastic bag of rags had been pulled out from where they had been stored and was sitting in her bedroom. A couple of hours later, she went back to the master bathroom, looking for a pouch of jewelry she kept hidden there. It was missing.

    She first got in touch with her cleaning woman, who told her she hadn’t seen anything amiss when she was there that week.

    Ms. Behrman then called East Hampton Town police, telling them that inside the missing pouch was a Cartier gold watch and a Hermes black-strap watch, a platinum wedding band with sapphires, a cocktail ring decorated with emeralds, an 18-karat gold bangle bracelet, and a pair of aquamarine earrings.

    The total value of the missing jewelry was estimated to be about $50,000.

    On Tuesday, Detective Lt. Chris Anderson commented little on the investigation of the apparent burglary or whether it might be linked to the string of high-profile daytime burglaries throughout town recently.

    “There is no indication that it is connected, but we look at commonalities in each case,” he said.

    As with the other recent burglaries, there appears to have been no sign of forced entry, and not much was disturbed, except for the missing items — as if the thieves knew exactly where to look.

    A safe containing over $20,000 in American currency and euros was reported stolen last week, and more than $7,000 in cash and jewelry was reported missing from an Ancient Highway, East Hampton, house the week before.