Cyril’s Weekend Take Is Stolen

    The owner of Cyril’s, the summer-magnet restaurant and bar on Napeague, woke up at his Windmill Lane, Amagansett, residence at 4:30 a.m. on June 24 to find that $22,700 had been stolen from his bedside.

    The day before, which was a busy Sunday, Cyril Fitzsimons, 69, had taken two satchels of cash from the restaurant to the house, where he counted it out, breaking down and recording the denominations on paper, before going to sleep at about 10 p.m. He kept the bags, which were described as black, with “Cyril’s” printed on the side, in the bedroom. When he awoke a few hours later the bags were gone, apparently taken by a soft-footed burglar.

    Mr. Fitzsimons told East Hampton Town police that several plants had been removed from the ground near a fence behind the house, possibly allowing the intruder to gain access to the property. None of the other residents of the house said they had heard anything during the night, nor could neighbors shed any light on the incident.

    It was not the first time Mr. Fitzsimons has been robbed, though if the last time it happened is any harbinger of things to come, the thief might want to reconsider. In 2001, at the end of another busy Sunday, Mr. Fitzsimons was closing up when he heard his bookkeeper, Barbara Baker, scream in the dining room. An ex-employee, Nicholas F. McKoy, then 19, had entered the room and pulled a gun on the bookkeeper, who, recognizing him, told him to leave. Instead, Mr. McCoy began pistol-whipping the woman, who started screaming.

    Mr. Fitzsimons ran into the room. Mr. McCoy immediately pointed the gun at him, which was a big mistake. “I tackled him and knocked a bag of money out of his hand,” Mr. Fitzsimmons told police.

    Mr. McKoy fled the scene in a 1995 Infiniti driven by one Everton G. Josephs, with $25,640 in cash. Mr. Fitzsimons called police, who set up a roadblock at Abraham’s Path and Montauk Highway in Amagansett. The getaway car was stopped there, opposite Brent’s Store, and the two men were arrested.