On the Police Logs 07.04.13

East Hampton

Scott Hinson of Accabonac Road noticed three checks missing from his checkbook on June 10. Five days earlier, he told police, he’d had a new boiler installed. When he called his bank he was told that two of the missing checks had already been cashed, for $625 and $495, with his signature forged on both. An ex-employee of the boiler company is suspected of having taken the checks, and police are investigating.

East Hampton Village

A Wainscott resident left her $160 Kindle Fire on a bench at Ocean Avenue last week and it was stolen.

Police received a call on June 25 about a swan blocking the road at Ocean Avenue, and later in the day there was another report of the same swan, now said to be chasing a little girl. Officers chased the large bird into the water.

Don Swanton on Dayton Lane called police on June 25 to complain of construction noise coming from a neighboring property. He was having dinner on his back porch, he said, and wanted the noise stopped so he could “enjoy his home-cooked meal in peace and quiet.” Police told him construction is allowed until 8 p.m.

A village employee accidentally broke a window at Villa Italian Specialties on Railroad Avenue last Thursday. The worker was trimming the grass in front of the store when he struck a small rock, which shattered the plate-glass window.

Police received a report last Saturday of a suspicious teenager going in and out of stores asking for money. The young man told officers he was collecting donations for the New York Youth Club and had a permit to solicit in the village.

On Saturday evening an officer found a man on Newtown Lane riding an unlicensed motor scooter. The man, who was reportedly “hostile” when told he could not operate an unlicensed scooter on a public roadway, was eventually driven home with his scooter.

Police received reports of a baby alone in a car at Citarella at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. The baby was taken out of the unlocked vehicle and appeared to be all right. When its parents returned, apologizing, they told police there had been some confusion over who would take the baby with them. Police decided not to press charges “in the best interest of the child.”

On Sunday morning a Scallop Avenue woman found a money clip with $305 and two credit cards at Two Mile Hollow Beach and turned it in. Police were able to find a phone number for the owner, and left a voicemail.

Police broke up a fistfight between two men at Park Place on Sunday afternoon. The pair started fighting after one of them backed his car into the other’s parked vehicle. When separated, they apologized to each other. There were no charges.


Elizabeth Stahl reported on the evening of June 8 that someone had smashed the rear windshield of her Dodge Dart, which was parked at her Davis Drive house. A rock was found in the rear seat.

Mitchell Lester reported the theft of $60, his binoculars, and his prescription medication from his car on June 18. It happened during a camping trip at Gin Beach.

Deborah Dawson called police at 8:30 a.m. on June 16 to report the theft of her black leather bag, which she said had been in her parked car on Main Street. Four days later she told police she’d misplaced the bag, which had been found.

A Montauk resident, Justin Fallon, reported that his metal dock box, valued at $1,000, had been stolen from the East Lake Marina between May 1 and May 5. He wanted the incident on record for insurance purposes.

On the afternoon of June 20 police were notified of a case of fraud. Jenny Marin, a South Edin resident, was tricked into wiring $181 to a “Lourdes Ramos” in Puerto Rico. A stranger called her, she told police, originally asking that $5,000 be sent. Police are still investigating.

Northwest Woods

Tracy Erb of Island Road reported an attempted burglary on Friday. Ms. Erb found her locked garage door open approximately four inches that evening, she told police. Nothing was taken, but the family has had items stolen before.

Sag Harbor

Last Thursday afternoon, Jacoea Bonilla’s wallet was stolen from her unlocked car, parked on High Street. The wallet was in a bag on the driver’s seat, and the bag was found about 15 feet away, with the wallet the only thing missing.

A white iPhone 4S with a cracked screen was stolen during a house party on Somers Place. The phone was tracked to Buckskill Road in East Hampton, and the case has been turned over to detectives.


Barbara Mattson of Lincoln Avenue contacted police last week after her East Hampton Town recycling center permit was stolen from her 1997 Chrysler. The car was parked at Maidstone Beach while she took a late-morning walk.