On the Police Logs 07.11.13

East Hampton Village

On the afternoon of July 1, a man complained to police that he’d purchased lottery tickets at a store on Park Place but was not given them. Police spoke with the store’s owner, who said the man had repeatedly thrown money on the counter, asking for the tickets, but then put the money back in his pocket. Police determined that there had been no exchange of money between the two, and asked the man to leave the store.

Early last week, police responded to a fare dispute between a taxi driver and a customer in front of the Hampton Jitney stop near the Palm restaurant. The driver reported that his fare did not have cash, and wanted to use a credit card to pay his tab. The customer said he had been told a credit card was acceptable. The cab company eventually agreed to take the card.

A Lee Avenue homeowner called police on July 4 at 10:30 p.m. saying he could not sleep because of loud music coming from a house behind his, on Lily Pond Lane. Police asked the other homeowner to turn off the music, which he agreed to do.

There was another late-night July 4 noise complaint, this one from a neighbor on Hither Lane. The house’s owner, Daniel Dokos, agreed to move the party indoors.

Albert Fierro, the owner of Fierro’s pizzeria, found a man’s black and tan wallet near his store on Park Place at midday Friday and turned it over to police.

At 4 a.m. on Saturday police received a call reporting a disturbance on Church Street. A young man told officers his friends had moved a stop sign from the corner of Race Lane and Gingerbread Lane to Church Street and that he had moved it back to its original location.

Police found a small black handbag behind headquarters on Saturday morning. Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.

A traffic control officer near Park Place and Newtown Lane flagged down a police patrol car on Saturday afternoon, reporting a young man with a large pit bull dog acting aggressively. The young man became angry after being told he was not allowed to place fliers on vehicles. He was stopped at Osborne Court and turned over to his father.

Robert Linker’s 2001 Ford F-250 was stolen from his workshop on Route 114 early last week. He told police he’d seen the truck near a Hempstead Street house in Sag Harbor but thought at the time that an employee had parked it there. Such was not the case.


On June 23, Franciscus Preidel called police after finding a stranger on his South Edison Street property. Officers determined that the unwelcome visitor was intoxicated, and had not intentionally trespassed.

A Mulford Avenue resident reported on June 29 that someone had broken the rear window of her 2006 Honda Accord while it was parked overnight in her driveway. Hyacinth Morrison estimated the damage at about $400.

Linda Burkhardt of Fairview Avenue reported a burglary at her downtown business office over the June 28 weekend. A gift box she’d left on her desk had been opened and a $500 Restoration Hardware gift card removed.

On July 3, Anita Miller’s blue and white longboard was stolen from the roof of her car, parked on South Emerson Avenue near the beach access. The New Jersey woman valued the board at $400.

Last Sunday afternoon Justin Falon, a Gainsboro Court homeowner, reported his gray 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee missing, after a friend, Eric Greenwalt, borrowed it and parked it unlocked on South Essex Street. After a search, police located the vehicle on West Lake Drive.

Northwest Woods

Early last week, Robert Lewis noticed his 12-foot fiberglass dinghy missing from the beach in front of his Oyster Shores Road house. After a caller told the harbormaster of a boat adrift in the harbor, police determined that it was the missing dinghy, which had floated away with the tide.

Sag Harbor

Police went to Havens Beach Friday afternoon, responding to a report of a dog suffering from the heat. Police found the dog in the shade of a tree, with a bowl of water. Its owner had gone for a swim.

The dispute between the owners of two vintage-clothing consignment shops on Main Street took another twist Saturday evening when Seena Stromberg, the owner of The Corner Closet, and Tisha Collette, the owner of Collette Boutique, exchanged angry words. Ms. Stromberg told police Ms. Collette had pushed her. Police asked the two, whose shops are not far apart, to stay away from each other. Ms. Collette’s boyfriend, Shane Dyckman, also a village shopowner, was charged last month with breaking Ms. Stromberg’s glass entrance door late at night.

The owner of a Prius tried to buy $5 worth of gas from the Getty station Monday afternoon but was refused service, he told police. Joffre C. Burger said she always puts $5 worth into her car, but that after paying the attendant on Monday she was turned away. The attendant did return her $5 after speaking with the police.


Lisa Weston of School Street called police on June 20 to report that someone had broken into her house and taken her Social Security card. She found two cement blocks outside stacked on top of a small cooler, which the thief had apparently used to climb through an open rear window.