On the Police Logs 07.25.13


An East Hampton Town employee spoke to police after discovering on July 15 that a graffiti artist had drawn a portrait of the late reggae star Bob Marley and the words “One Love” and “Bob Marley” inside the men’s bathroom at Albert’s Landing Beach. Police found a stenciled image of a whale with the words “Free Willy” spray-painted in the same location, as well as “nonspecific cartoon characters in various poses” on the walls of the women’s bathroom.

East Hampton

Michelle Forester, a resident of Cosdrew Lane, notified police on July 8 that $20 and a black Garmin G.P.S. valued at $100 had been taken from her unlocked car, parked in her driveway.

On July 15, graffiti was discovered in the men’s bathroom at Atlantic Avenue Beach.

Courtney Smith, a New York City resident, told police on Saturday morning that she was attempting to rent a place in East Hampton, listed at $2,295 for two weeks in August under the name of Amelia Barcov. Ms. Smith wired the money to England last Thursday but soon after found out from the current renter that the actual owner was an Amelia Price. Ms. Smith contacted Barclay’s Bank in England, where she had sent the money, and was told that an Adam Barkov was the owner of the account. She also contacted Amelia Price, who did not recognize the name Barkov, and who said the property was not for rent.

East Hampton Village

Early last week, a traffic control officer found a dog left alone in a car with the windows rolled down. The dog was removed from the car and given some water. It appeared to be okay, but police called Animal Control, which said officers would arrive in 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, the dog’s owner returned, very apologetic, saying she’d only been gone for a few minutes. Animal Control was given her name and number.

At 2:30 a.m. on July 17, police received a call from Bryan Graybill, who reported hearing an animal running back and forth on the roof of his house on Hither Lane. Upon arrival, an officer found a raccoon on the roof. Mr. Graybill said that if it was still there in the morning, he would call a pest control company.

Last Friday, Nancy Kurz called police after her car was booted in a Newtown Lane parking lot. Police advised her that the lot was privately owned, and she would have to take the matter up with the company.

Jennifer Berkley of Crossways found a pair of Nike sneakers and an iPhone in front of her house on Sunday. She called the owner, a New York City resident, who came to pick up his belongings.

Addie Slater went to headquarters on Sunday afternoon to report that she had lost her silver watch, valued at $3,000, on the morning of July 15. She explained that she needed a report on file for an insurance claim.


On July 5, Luis Huanga reported that sometime during the past three months, $3,500 in cash had gone missing from a Chase Bank envelope he kept inside a locked box. Someone had pried off the side of the box, he told police, and tacked it back together with finishing nails.

Carolina Kohn’s Simple Cruiser bicycle, valued at $500, was stolen from a bike rack last week while she was working the night shift at Ruschmeyer’s Inn. Two days later, Thomas Hamilton’s $200 Yukon Giant bike disappeared after his son left it unattended on Surfside Place.

Thomas Tocco of Galton Place arrived at a Kettle Hole Road residence with his daughter last Thursday to cut the grass. A resident came outside and told him to come back later since people were still sleeping. The two began to argue, and Mr. Tocco told police he had been shoved and had fallen to the ground. He wanted the incident on record.

Carolyn Gray of East Meadow complained early Saturday morning that someone had removed the driver’s-side mirror of her 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, parked on Edgemere Street, causing $200 in damages.

Last Saturday, Stephen Field of New York City reported that the hood of his 2003 Mercedes-Benz had been scratched by an unknown object. He had left the car overnight at the Surf Lodge, and noticed the damage in the morning.

Sag Harbor

John Wagner told police that between July 10 and 16 someone entered his Bayview Avenue house through a rear window. Nothing was missing as far as he could see, he said, save for two St. Paulie Girl beer bottles that had been in the refrigerator.
Police offered a ride home to a bicylist who was seen sleeping on the pavement near the intersection of Madison and Sage Streets at about 12:45 a.m. on July 16. The man, who police said appeared to be intoxicated, said he preferred to just walk his bike home.

A caller reported seeing the driver of a black Chrysler 300M throwing lighted firecrackers out the window while cruising on Main Street last Thursday evening. The car could not be found.