On the Police Logs 08.01.13


A Woodedge Circle homeowner called police on the morning of July 20 after finding his 2012 Ford Escape with four flat tires and egg yolk all over it. Leland Winslow said that he had received text messages and voicemails from an unnamed person, who also drove in front of the house in a silver van the night before. Police interviewed the man, who claimed to know nothing about the incident but agreed to stay away from Mr. Winslow’s property and stop contacting him.

East Hampton

Florence Merrill was in her Oakview Highway house on July 12 when she heard a noise. She discovered a small circular crack in one of her windows, possibly from a BB gun or a stone. Damage was estimated at $50.

A Mulford Avenue homeowner, Susan Germano, called police last week to report that a brown UPS box containing a mirrored Robern medicine cabinet had been stolen from her front stoop between July 17 and July 20. Ms. Germano said she had seen the package the day it arrived, and UPS also confirmed its delivery. She said there were seven packages left on her stoop during the three-day period, but only one was missing.

Carla Grijalva, a resident of the Whalebone Apartments on Boatheader’s Lane, reported that the hood of her 2012 Nissan Juke had been scratched, to the tune of $200 in damages. Ms. Grijalva also notified police that someone had stolen three brown area rugs, together worth $100, from the complex’s community laundry room.

On Saturday, Bernhard Kiembock called police to report that someone had entered his Cove Hollow Road residence, damaging the hardware on an Anderson casement window and a sliding glass door. He found paint spilled on the walls and carpets throughout the first floor and estimated the damage to the house at $400.

East Hampton Village

Police responded last week to an anonymous call of a dog running loose near Main Street and David’s Lane. They found the small white dog and returned it to the David’s Lane address on its collar, leaving it in the backyard after closing a gate that had been left open.

Also on David’s Lane, Albert Giambelli, a homeowner, called police to report a deer trapped on his property. Two officers arrived and were able to free the deer from the yard.

Last Thursday, a traffic control officer watched a man with his family jaywalking across Main Street and causing a driver to pull up short. The driver beeped his horn and made an obscene gesture at the pedestrian, who replied in kind. When the T.C.O. approached the pedestrian and told him to use the crosswalk, the man replied that he did not appreciate being talked to that way by a T.C.O.    

Police were notified of a disturbance near Cove Hollow Road on Saturday. A caller there said she could hear her neighbors screaming that “they had a gun and they were going to kill someone.” Police spoke with the owner of a Georgica Road house, who told them that her 9-year-son had been screaming in the backyard and that there were no weapons in the house.

Last Saturday night at 9:30, Billyie Hanan called police with a noise complaint about a house on Pantigo Road. Gregory Totten told officers he was having a graduation party for his daughter and that they had rented a D.J. He was advised to turn the music down, and completely off by 11.

Maurice Barnes, a cab driver, called at 1 a.m. on Sunday to notify police that a man whom he’d driven to the train station was refusing to pay the $18 fare. Police spoke with the man, Jason Daniels of New York City, who agreed to pay the fare with a credit card.


On the morning of July 6, Kieren Taylor notified police that someone had stolen his Apple Macbook Pro and Serato SL1 Audio equipment from a friend’s unlocked vehicle, parked overnight on the side of Second House Road at Ruschmeyer’s. The items were worth $2,000 together. Police have not been able to receive any tracking signal from either device.

Early last month, Joe Starke of Katonah, N.Y., left his black Mercury 3.5-horsepower outboard motor in a row of hedges near the villa pool of the Montauk Yacht Club. When he returned, he told police, the motor, valued at $400, was missing. It has not yet been found, according to the manager of the club, John Infurna.

A blue Coleman cooler containing beer and wine, belonging to Brennan Purdy, a Connecticut resident, was stolen during the night of July 17. He had left the $30 cooler at the Surf Club overnight.

Last Thursday, John Stevens’s $200 gray mountain bike vanished from its spot out front of the Lido Motel on Emery Street.

Northwest Woods

David Robertson of Gardiner Cove Road came into police headquarters on July 12 to report that a car had just been tailgating him as he drove his pickup truck on Old Orchard Lane in East Hampton. He turned onto Hands Creek Road and then onto Atlantic Road, he told police, with the car still very close behind. Mr. Robertson pulled over to the side, at which point the car pulled up behind him and a man stepped out. As Mr. Robertson drove away, he struck the truck’s bed with an aluminum baseball bat.

Sag Harbor

A Glover Street house was broken into overnight on July 24. Alisa Volkman told police her rear door had been damaged and left ajar. Something was thrown through the glass door to gain entry. A large bottle of Evan Williams whiskey was reported missing.

A house on Redwood Road was broken into last week as well, and the intruders made off with several bottles of liquor, the owner, Herb Sussman, told police.

Anthony Benbenek parked his van outside his house on Jermain Avenue on July 22 and found its right rear window smashed upon his return.

Michael Maher was ticketed Friday afternoon, police said, for leaving his dog in his locked 2013 Audi on a hot day. Police spotted the car at the Muse parking lot on Long Island Avenue.


Early last week, Lauren Cadullo called police after someone took her $340 Verizon Razor Max smartphone from the beach at the end of Gerard Drive. When Ms. Cadullo returned from swimming the phone was gone from her beach towel, she said.
Frederika Cohen’s black aluminum mailbox was removed from its post at the end of her Folkstone Drive driveway on Friday. Damage was estimated at $50.


Raymond Bulman of Wainscott Stone Road found a solar garden lamp knocked over and a hose turned on, on July 23. There was minor damage to the lamp.