Angry Driver vs. T.C.O.

    Sag Harbor police arrested a Bridgehampton man on Saturday afternoon after he allegedly drove deliberately into a traffic control officer, knocking him down.
    The young T.C.O., Zachary Proctor, saw Eric S. Price, 48, attempting to make an illegal left turn onto Main Street across a safety zone and a crosswalk, and stood in front of his 2012 orange Jeep Wrangler, telling him that he had to turn right. Mr. Price kept going, police said, making the left turn and striking the officer.
    Police officers arrived, and after talking with the two men placed Mr. Price under arrest on two misdemeanor charges, reckless endangerment, and obstructing government administration. He was taken to the stationhouse and released on $100 bail, with a future date in court.

    Mr. Proctor was taken to Southampton Hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. He has since been released but has not returned to work as yet.

    A New Yorker vacationing in Montauk was arrested on a felony cocaine charge Monday morning.

    Kevin C. Lundgren, 37, was seen with another man at 1 a.m. walking through bushes into an empty lot on Main Street opposite John’s Drive-in. An officer who approached the two said he saw Mr. Lundgren throw a small, clear plastic bag to the ground. The bag had white powder in it.

    After brief questioning, Mr. Lundgren was taken to the Montauk precinct station, where the sergeant on duty tested the powder and reported it was cocaine.

    In court later that morning, Mr. Lundgren was represented by Susan Menu. She argued that the felony charge was incorrect.

    “I would like to draw your attention to the deposition,” she told East Hampton Town Justice Catherine Cahill. “I believe that when the weight comes back, it will not be a felony.”

    Possession of cocaine, normally a misdemeanor, becomes a felony when the charge is either possession with intent to sell or possession of 500 milligrams or more. Mr. Lundgren is charged with the latter.

    The plastic bag was sent to the Suffolk County crime lab, where its weight, and the final charge against Mr. Lundgren, will be determined. He was released on $1,000 bail and will return to court on Sept. 13.

    An early morning arrest of an 18-year-old on July 30 solved two crimes, according to East Hampton Village police.

    John E. Koshar of Bay Shore was stopped by an officer at about 3:30 a.m. near the fork where Apaquogue and Georgica Roads split. Mr. Koshar told the officer he was lost and needed a ride back to Main Beach, according to the report. The officer drove him there, and asked to see some identification.

    When the youth opened his black Kodak camera bag, the officer spotted “a small black leather case, which appeared to have lock-pick tools inside of it.”

    Another officer arrived and the two questioned Mr. Koshar, who told them he had “gained access to a car” parked at Sea Spray Cottages and had taken money from the glove box. He was arrested on charges of attempted burglary, a felony; and three misdemeanors, possession of burglar tools, possession of stolen property, and petty larceny.

    Mr. Koshar’s bad morning was just beginning.

    Back at the stationhouse during questioning by detectives, he reportedly confessed to another crime, telling police he had broken into Sam’s Auto Shop on Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton. Police then contacted their East Hampton Town counterparts, who called the shop’s co-owner Brian Raab. Mr. Raab confirmed that the shop had been broken into, and a felony burglary charge was added to Mr. Koshar’s docket.

    Mr. Raab reported several thefts from the shop’s office this past spring. It was not clear if Mr. Koshar is suspected of committing those crimes. He was released without bail the next morning.

    A 30-year-old Holbrook woman was charged on July 28 with shoplifting from the Land Shark clothing store on Main Street in Montauk.

    Cristina M. Fronzoni walked out of the shop with a gray sweatshirt and a hat, according to the arrest report. She was followed by the shop’s manager, who confronted her and a male companion. The two got into a blue minivan with a bike rack on the back and out-of-state plates, according to the manager, Kieran Titus, and drove west on Montauk Highway.

    Police stopped the car on Amagansett Main Street. Ms. Fronzoni, who was now reportedly wearing the stolen items, was arrested on the charge of petty larceny. She was released from the stationhouse with a future date on the Justice Court criminal calendar.