Charges of Drunken Boating

   This year’s Barcelona Point, Northwest Harbor boat party produced a lot of good times for most participants, but not for two boaters who were arrested on charges of boating while intoxicated.

Thomas Lambert, an East Hampton Town harbormaster, along with a Shelter Island harbormaster, Peter Vielbig, and a Coast Guard officer, stopped a boat being operated by Brendan T. McCay, 25, of Springs on Sunday afternoon. It was east of Barcelona Neck at the time. Police said the boat was overloaded and that there were “several” violations.

Mr. McCay was taken aboard the East Hampton Town vessel Marine 1, where he reportedly failed sobriety tests. Arrested on a charge of drunken boating, as well as reckless operation, he was released the next morning on $350 bail, with a future date in court. Both charges are misdemeanors.

A couple of hours later, an inflatable dinghy propelled by a Mercury outboard motor in Northwest Creek nearly crashed into a police boat. Skippered by Bryan T. Beyer, 32, of Sag Harbor, the dinghy was stopped and Mr. Beyer was given, and failed, sobriety tests, according to the arrest report.

He was arrested on the same charges as Mr. McCay and taken to police headquarters, where he allegedly refused to take a breath test. He, too, was released from custody with a future date on the criminal justice calendar.


I don't know any of the people listed in this article, my complaint is with all of these types of articles. Is it really necessary to post the names of individuals who are merely Charged with a violation of the law? You post their names in the paper as if they've been charged, tried and convicted. Yet when they are found "not guilty", there is not a mention. Are you this desperate to sell copies of this rag that you must resort to this. Why not take them down to Sag Harbor and put them in the blocks on the warf.