On the Police Logs 08.15.13


An iPhone 4S was stolen from the console of a parked car on Aug. 5. Michael Scher of Springs told police he had left it in his 2012 Audi for 10 minutes. That night, he told police, he’d been alerted that the phone’s signal had been picked up from the Wave Crest motel and condominiums on Napeague. Due to the large number of residents in the complex, police were not able to follow up.

East Hampton

Two vehicles and a mower parked outside Hedges and Gardens on Route 114 were targeted by a vandal over a weekend late last month. All were found with flat tires.

East Hampton Village

A full-grown German shepherd got into a fight with a shepherd puppy near the Main Street-Newtown Lane corner on Aug. 5. Police Chief Gerard Larsen and Captain Michael Tracey happened to be nearby and spoke with the two owners, who had separated the animals by the time the chief and the captain got to them. The owner of the adult dog, an Amagansett resident, said it was the first time her animal had behaved that way. The puppy had a leg injury, police said, and its owner, an East Hampton woman, had a cut on her hand. Animal control was notified.

Police received a call reporting “two unruly females” at Rowdy Hall on the night of Aug. 7. The two “refused to pay the bill and were screaming obscenities,” the report says. After the manager called 911, they paid with a credit card and left.

Obligato’s manager reported the theft of a $198 black sweatshirt last Thursday. A woman walked out with it, police were told.

A Toilsome Lane resident called police at about 3 a.m. Saturday, saying that someone or something was moving around in her attic. Police checked and told her it was likely a raccoon.

When a traffic control officer on Newtown Lane told a 15-year-old Wainscott youth that skateboarding was prohibited on the sidewalk, the youth began screaming at the officer. Police arrived and the boy said he wouldn’t do it again.

A dead sea animal, possibly a dolphin, washed up on the beach between Wiborg’s and the Maidstone Club on Friday.

A Newtown Lane woman told police on Aug. 6 that a former tenant of hers had stolen her three-wheeled cycle, valued at $300.


A guest at the Ocean Beach Resort, Allison Malet of Commack, told police that her duffel bag, wallet, and backpack were stolen from her room at about midnight on Aug. 2, along with her iPhone, jewelry valued at about $1,200, and a Canon camera.

A black mountain bicycle left outside the 7-Eleven at about 4 a.m. on July 31 was stolen. Jason Valentine said he had been in the store for 15 minutes when it disappeared.

A black Tommy Hilfiger wallet and an iPhone 4S were taken off the outdoor bar at Sloppy Tuna on the night of July 30. Vincent Gogo, who told police he was staying at Gurney’s, estimated their value at $330.

Rebecca Choron of Rye, N.Y., parked her 2012 Jeep on South Etna Avenue Friday night and found its rear license plate missing when she returned a few hours later.

Thomas Beck of Peachtree City, Ga., left his 2002 Hyundai on the shoulder of Edgemere Street, about 100 yards from the Surf Lodge, last Thursday night. Mr. Beck, who works there, returned after his shift to find a side window of the car broken.

Steven Kalimnios told police on Aug. 7 that several cars in the Royal Atlantic’s parking lot had been sprayed with what appeared to be dry fire extinguisher dust. Mr. Kalimnios had the motel’s employees wash the cars down. There was no reported permanent damage.

Craig Lieder, owner of the Sunset Surf Shack, found two windsurfing boards missing from the back of his truck, parked in his South Elmwood lot. Police later found the boards nearby and returned them to Mr. Lieder.

Sag Harbor

A large turtle was reported making its way across the 7-Eleven parking lot last week. By the time an officer arrived, it had reached the back of the professional building, headed toward the sandy beach beyond. No action was taken.

An antique cow bell was stolen from an Oakland Avenue yard last weekend.