On the Police Logs 08.22.13


Two bicycles were stolen from the bike rack at Atlantic Beach on Aug. 10. Andrew Rosen of Bluff Road, the owner, described one as a “black Revolution beach-style bike with a black metal basket on the front” and the other as a black, blue, and white child’s Specialized 24-inch mountain bike.

A Honda S.U.V. parked Saturday afternoon on Amagansett Main Street near Hand Lane had its back window smashed. There were no witnesses. Darrin McCardle of Middle Village told police it would cost $400 to replace the window, which may have been broken by another vehicle fronting into it.

East Hampton Village

Police received several calls about a 42-year-old Hampton Bays woman last week. The first caller, at about midnight on Friday, said there was a woman walking in the middle of the road at Pudding Hill Lane and Ocean Avenue. The woman told police she was trying to get a ride to Hampton Bays, and an officer drove her to the train station, where she could wait for the early morning train. The next call came in at about noon Saturday. The same woman was “in the woods” near David’s Lane, “yelling at people as they walked by.” She again told police she was trying to get back to Hampton Bays, and was again taken to the railroad station. Late Saturday night, a third caller reported a woman walking on Main Street, “acting strangely.” Police found her this time by the Maidstone Inn. She “had been drinking, and missed her train,” she told them. She again said she wanted to go to Hampton Bays. This time, though, she asked to go to the Bridgehampton train station, where they took her. She has not been heard from since.

A Middle Highway woman complained of being tailgated on Newtown Lane Sunday morning by a man in a truck. When she pulled into the Waldbaum’s lot the truck followed her, she told police, and blocked her in. Its driver had a bottle of water in his hand, and splashed it at the woman, yelling at her about her driving. She told him she was calling the police, and he drove away. Police checked but could not find the truck.


A purse belonging to a Westchester County woman, Tara Yeager of Harrison, was stolen from the bar at the Sloppy Tuna on the night of Aug. 6, while she was dancing.

An iPhone 4S was stolen from a ledge at Skate Park last month. John Martocello of Miller Place told police he’d left the phone unattended for just a few minutes.

A punch thrown by a man at 5 a.m. on Aug. 3 missed its target, which was another man’s face, and instead propelled the puncher through the plate glass window of the popular chocolate store Fudge and Stuff, just off the Plaza. Police found the man nearby with bad cuts on his hands, arms, and face. He said he had been in a fight, and “I missed, and fell through the window.” He was taken to Southampton Hospital. The shopowner, Daniel Dalbora, estimated the cost of replacing the large window at $2,000. Charges had not been pressed as of Friday.

Helena Janssen of Montauk left her unlocked car parked in the Plaza for half an hour on Friday and returned to find her wallet, with credit cards, I.D., and $60 in cash in it, gone.

Sag Harbor

A woman found sleeping in the foyer of a Division Street building told police that a prominent local attorney who specializes in drunken-driving cases had given her permission to sleep there. The woman, who police said appeared to be intoxicated, left without incident.


An iPhone was stolen from a Whitby Lane house last Thursday. Victoria Swackenberg told police all entrances were locked except for a rear door, which she’d left open to allow her housekeeper to enter. The phone had been charging on a table. The thief took the phone but left the charger behind.