His Driveway, Not His Car

    Nicholas Lobaccaro had had enough. In an apparent case of summertime exasperation last Thursday night, he moved a valet-parked vehicle that was blocking his driveway at 209 Main Street in East Hampton, near the c/o Maidstone inn and Living Room restaurant, damaging a BMW in the process and leading to his arrest.

    A witness told East Hampton Village police that Mr. Lobaccaro got into a parked 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, a car owned by a patron of the Living Room, and backed it into the BMW.

    “The cars were parked on his property,” said a lawyer for Mr. Lobaccaro, Daniel Rogers of Southampton. Mr. Rodgers said Maidstone valets have been parking on his client’s property for some time without any problem until Saturday night, when Mr. Lobaccaro returned home with his family and found his driveway blocked by three vehicles.

    The family could not get up their own driveway, Mr. Rodgers said. Mr. Lobaccaro and a guest went over to the Maidstone, said the lawyer, and spoke with valets. “They waited for an hour. Nothing.”

    At that point Mr. Lobaccaro took matters into his own hands, the attorney said, backing the Tahoe up and accidentally causing the damage to the BMW. “He was on his own property,” Mr. Rogers emphasized. “This case is going to fall apart.”

    While it was Mr. Lobaccaro’s property, the Tahoe was not his car, and the police were called. Officers found the Tahoe owner in the restaurant and arrested Mr. Lobaccaro after receiving confirmation that he was not authorized to use it. He was charged with unauthorized use of a car, a misdemeanor, and felony criminal mischief.

    Adam Lancashire, the restaurant manager, declined to comment on the matter Tuesday, saying he was working inside at the time of the incident and had no knowledge of the sequence of events.

    Mr. Lobaccaro was taken to police headquarters, where he posted $200 bail and was released. He will be arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court on Sept. 12.

    Mr. Rodgers predicted that his client, a former partner and portfolio manager at George Weiss Associates, a privately held company that invests in hedge funds for wealthy clients, would be cleared of both charges.


I've called the Village PD on the same problem in the past.Guess what? They said if the car is on YOUR property, you can tow it away, they can't. If it's on public property, it's their problem to ticket or tow. It this in fact occurred as stated, all on private property,I side with the attorney. They is also no intent if he accidentally damaged the BMW. Unless the whole story is not being told, which is possible, these charges sound like total B.S. as it stands.