On the Police Logs 08.29.13


The women’s restroom at Albert’s Landing Beach was the target of graffiti vandals last week.

East Hampton

A handicapped parking sticker was stolen from a car belonging to Lillian King last Thursday. It was parked outside the East Hampton I.G.A.

East Hampton Village

A $16,000 stainless steel Rolex watch encrusted with diamonds was reported stolen by a Scarsdale, N.Y., woman last Thursday. She told police it was taken from her bag while she was at Main Beach. On Sunday police received a voicemail message from the woman, telling them she was back home and had found the watch there.

A caller reported that a man dressed all in black and carrying a black backpack was “engaging in illegal activity” Friday afternoon on Newtown Lane near Osborne Lane. Police checked but found no one of that description. The “illegal activity” was not specified.

The manager of Blue and Cream reported a pair of $495 Tom Ford sunglasses stolen Saturday afternoon. A man took them, it was reported.

A noise complaint led police to a Jericho Road house late Friday night. The partyers had moved inside but forgot to turn off the outdoor speakers.

On Saturday night, noise complaints involved estates on Cross Highway, Lily Pond Lane, and Briar Patch Road. The music was turned off in all cases after officers knocked on the doors.

A Springs woman left her Mazda in the Reutershan lot on Aug. 20 with the windows half-open and her purse and dogs in the car. The purse was gone when she returned half an hour later; a thief had apparently reached in and grabbed it. The dogs were no worse for wear.

A traffic control officer found a wallet belonging to a New York City man in front of Village Hardware last week and turned it in. The man picked it up at headquarters and said nothing was missing.

An employee of the Golden Pear left his unlocked bicycle behind the restaurant while he was at work on Aug. 19 and it was stolen. DeAndre Lyons told police it had cost $250.

A taxi passenger being taken from the train station to West End Road at a little before midnight on Aug. 21 demanded the driver stop, saying he was taking an indirect route. The driver called police, telling them that the woman was “aggravated over his driving abilities” and that he didn’t want any money from her. Police agreed to take the 34-year-old irate passenger off his hands and deliver her to her destination.

A Mercedes-Benz owner from Water Mill called police after getting a parking ticket last Thursday. An officer pointed out to the unhappy visitor that he was parked in front of a fire hydrant.

A woman from Marlboro, N.J., reported last Thursday that a man had banged on her car window, screaming and cursing, and taken photos of her with his cellphone. It happened in the parking lot behind Soul Cycle on Newtown Lane.

Across the street in the Reutershan lot that day, things weren’t much better. A woman told police a male driver had thrown a cup of water in her face while she was waiting for a parking space.


Carmita Espana went in for a long day of work at the Dock on the morning of Aug. 21 and left her 2001 Toyota in front of the restaurant with the windows open. When she came out late that night the car had been rummaged through, and her purse, which she had left on the back seat with $700 in it, was gone.

Montauk Wines and Liquors was visited by a shoplifter late Saturday. Sharyn Finnegan told police that a man, whom she identified, had walked out a little before closing time with a bottle of liquor, without paying. She did not press charges, but asked police to tell the man to stay away from the store, which was done.

Police told John Ferguson, the owner of Navy Beach, that he had to stop letting patrons use the adjoining parking lot, which is the property of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He agreed to comply.

Friday was fight night at the Memory Motel. At closing time, two Connecticut men were punched in the face, one suffering a laceration. They were unable to identify the assailant.


A break-in was reported on the night of Aug. 18 at the barn at Duck Creek Farms where the Parrish Museum-sponsored Albertini sculptural installation is being shown. Police said none of the artwork was touched. Damage to a lock was estimated at $100.