On the Police Logs 09.05.13


Claudia Evart, a New Yorker, told police that her $14,000 gold necklace was taken from her purse while she was at Atlantic Avenue Beach on Friday.

East Hampton

Franklin Perez’s orange and white Stihl leaf blower was stolen from a shed at 11 Stokes Court last Saturday afternoon. He valued the machine at $600.

East Hampton Village

A caller reported a small motorized boat afloat in Town Pond one afternoon last week. The craft and its pilot were gone when police arrived.

Police intervened during a dispute over a cab fare just after midnight on Sunday. The driver pulled over on Woods Lane on the way from Montauk to Bridgehampton and said the fare would be $150. The passenger, a woman from Greenwich Village, told police a rate card in the cab had a stated rate of $120 for the 21-mile trip, but that the driver, who lives in Ronkonkoma, had initially agreed to make the trip for $100, perhaps not realizing the distance between the two points. With police refereeing, the woman agreed to pay the fare from Montauk to East Hampton and then took another cab to her destination.

A 2012 Porsche was reportedly being driven erratically one day last week. When police questioned the driver, she said “she was having trouble finding a parking space, and that is why she was driving in circles.”

Police received a report of an intoxicated man wandering on Main Street early Saturday morning. An officer found him and called a cab, which took him to his Springs home.

A similar incident occurred last Thursday afternoon, this time on North Main Street.The cab driver took this man to his home in Mastic Beach.

A Hampton Bays woman who has been in the police blotter recently for drunken behavior was found last weekend hiding in shrubbery near Main Street, drinking a tall can of Coors. She was issued a summons.

The sum of $160 in cash was found by a New York man near the train station last Thursday afternoon and was turned over to the police.

On Saturday morning an officer, responding to a complaint, spoke with a man with a shaved head and many tattoos, who was “hunched over” at the train station. The tattooed man told police he was waiting for a bus to take him to Southampton.

A Manhattan man lost his wallet on Main Street Saturday afternoon. It was found by a traffic control officer, and returned to its owner.

A man selling “glow in the dark swords and necklaces” in the Wiborg’s Beach parking lot Saturday night was issued a summons for peddling on public property.

A Georgica Road house received a visit from police late Saturday night following a noise complaint. The residents were partying inside, and had forgotten to turn off the outdoor speakers.


Abbey Himmilstein’s white BMW was badly scratched while parked outside of Ruschmeyer’s a couple of weekends ago.

A child’s skateboard, an Astroboard with a pink bottom and an Astroturf top, was stolen from outside Kelly B on the Plaza early last week. The 11-year-old girl’s mother, Kelly Bogetti, the owner of the store, valued the board at $125.

Sag Harbor

A vandal wielding a bottle of Malibu rum smashed two glass door panels at the Kramoris Gallery early Sunday morning.

Two bicycles were stolen from Christian Scheider’s property last Thursday. They had been chained to a fence post.

Patrick E. Malloy III reported to police last week that someone had gone into the basement at 1A Bay Street and left behind “drug paraphernalia.” He told police he was going to change the locks. Mr. Malloy owns the 195-foot yacht Intuition II, anchored at Long Wharf, as well as several of the surrounding buildings.


A guest at the East Hampton Point Marina, Melina Spadone of New York City, reported a pair of diamond stud earrings stolen from a night stand on Sunday afternoon. Ms. Spadone told police she had left the room to allow the cleaning crew to do its job. Nothing else was reported missing, even though the woman’s boyfriend had left a watch he said was worth $30,000, as well as his wallet, in the room.