On the Police Logs 09.19.13


A silver Trek hybrid bicycle with black grips and a yellow stem was stolen from a Sheperd’s Lane house late last month. William Oberlander valued the bike at $300, and said it had an Amagansett Beach and Bike sticker on the frame.

Graffiti vandals attacked at least three structures at Barnes Landing beach early last Thursday.

East Hampton Village

A Barns Lane woman called the police last Thursday night to report noises outside her window. An officer found nothing, but checked inside, where a basement pipe proved to be the source of the sounds. The woman was advised to call a plumber in the morning.

At around midnight on Friday, an East Hampton boy found a Tommy Hilfiger wallet with $27 and a couple of credit cards inside, along with a copy of “The Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker, outside Starbucks. The 13-year-old turned the items over to police.

A gold-link bracelet valued at $5,000 was reported lost by a Bayside woman last Thursday afternoon. She told police she had lost the bracelet on Newtown Lane.

A dog, apparently off its leash, mauled a fox at Two Mile Harbor Beach last Saturday afternoon. When police arrived the fox was dead, and the dog was gone.


On the afternoon of Sept. 5, a 37-year-old woman on her way to work from her Second House Road residence decided to take a shortcut to town, down a dirt path that cuts through shrubbery. She heard someone clear his throat, and looked in that direction. A man waved to her, indicating that she should come closer, and then exposed himself to her. The rest of the police report is redacted. The woman reported the incident the next day.

Two women’s bicycles were stolen from a Hoover Court house overnight on Sept. 5. Patrick Daly told police that one of them, a red Giant mountain bike, was a couple of years old and would cost about $500 to replace. The other, a Giant white road bike with maroon lettering, had been purchased just two days earlier, he said, for $2,000. The serial number of the new bike is GJ10003.

A black Trek Hybrid model 7.1 bike was stolen from the bicycle rack at Solé East late on Sept. 9. Alfonzo Hernandez-Rodriguez, who works at the resort, had locked the bike’s front tire to the rack, but the thief disconnected the bicycle from the tire, leaving the tire and lock behind. The bike was valued at $570.

Two tires on a Jeep parked by the Gig Shack were slashed late on the Saturday night of Labor Day weekend. Terence Feehan told police the tires were a special make, retailing for $800 each.

Sag Harbor

Three iPhones and one iPod were stolen from members of the Pierson High School women’s cross-country team while they were out running Monday afternoon. The phones had been left in an unlocked classroom. The school’s volleyball team was playing a game in the gym at the time, and students from another school also had access to the room. Police were to have examined school surveillance videos on Tuesday.