Ongoing Domestic Trouble

       An ongoing dispute between an East Hampton couple, both of whom have been arrested before in connection with their domestic troubles, led on Sunday night to the arrest of Guy K. Tibbetts, 31, his second in two weeks.

       East Hampton Village police said Mr. Tibbetts had let himself into the residence of his estranged wife, Justina Tibbetts, without her permission, and charged him with two misdemeanors, trespassing and violating an order of protection.

       At his Monday morning arraignment in East Hampton Justice Court, his attorney, Brian Lester, asked Justice Lisa R. Rana to release him without bail, as Justice Catherine A. Cahill had done on Dec. 17, when he also faced a  charge of violating an order of protection. But the justice, clearly unhappy to see Mr. Tibbetts back in court, disagreed. “I’ve gone over this with you,” she told him. “Justice Cahill has gone over this with you. But you just don’t get it,” she said.

       “These charges are a bit different,” she said, adding, “I’ve had it.”

       Mr. Tibbetts told the court that Ms. Tibbetts had initiated the contact  that led to Sunday’s arrest. “She asked me to meet her there at 5:30,” he said.

       “I don’t understand,” Justice Rana answered. “You aren’t listening. Turn your phone off. Change your phone number.”

       “Do what you have to do,” she said as she set bail at $5,000. “If you make bail, you’d better heed what I am telling you.” She set Jan. 9 as his date to return to court.