Rut Season: Driver Beware

       This is rutting season, when deer are doing what comes naturally, and it has proven hazardous to man and beast alike. Between the town and the village, East Hampton police recorded five deer-car incidents this past week.

       On Christmas Eve in the village, Kristine King’s 2011 Lexus sustained some front-end damage after striking a deer on Pantigo Road near Amy’s Lane. It happened soon after sunset.

       Nicholas Grille, driving a 2009 Honda on Christmas Day on Springs-Fireplace Road in Springs, struck two deer a little after sunset. One animal was killed, the other flipped over the car and ran off. Mr. Grille was unhurt.

       Shortly after sunset on Friday, the 2002 Volkswagen driven by Tyler Van Slyke struck a deer on Fieldview Lane near Cedar Street in East Hampton. Mr. Van Slyke was able to drive the car away, despite some front-end damage. Town police did not report the fate of the deer.

       Peder M. Regan’s 2013 Land Rover struck a deer on Long Lane, East Hampton, early Monday morning. The front-end damage to the vehicle was described as minor.

       A Springs Fire Department ambulance taking a patient to Southampton Hospital collided with a deer on Springs-Fireplace Road near Church Lane in Springs on Sunday night. No one was hurt, and the ambulance continued on its way.