Officer in Trespass Tryst?

East Hampton Village detectives are investigating whether this secluded house on Talmage Lane was used for a sexual encounter between an East Hampton Village police officer and a female village employee, without the permission of its owner. T.E. McMorrow

       East Hampton Village police are investigating a matter that may involve one of their own.

       According to a report, a village officer allegedly used a Talmage Lane house as a trysting place for himself and a female employee of the village without the owner’s permission.

       Police released a report yesterday of what was described as a “trespassing incident” occurring on the morning of Dec. 30.

       Three friends of the house’s owner, visiting from Georgia, arrived in East Hampton that morning, planning to spend the New Year’s holiday at the house, they told police. When they entered, one of them came upon two people “inside the residence that were not authorized to be there,” according to the report.

       The visitors left the house, which is a short walk from village police headquarters on Cedar Street, apparently without the couple becoming aware of them, and called the police.

       An officer arrived and spoke with the pair, then called the homeowner, J. Arthur Dunnam of Manhattan, who told him that the two did not have permission to be there.

       “No one should be in the house,” he said. He told the investigating officer, however, that “he does wish to press charges.”

       Sitting on a third of an acre, the two-story shingled cottage with bay windows and a semi-detached garage is secluded from the street by a substantial row of manicured privet. Dominy Lane, a dirt road by the police and firehouse complex on Cedar Street, leads nearly to the rear of the property.

       In a brief phone conversation yesterday, Mr. Dunnam said he had been told that police would not release his name, and hung up. It was found in public records.

       Though the police report was blacked out in many places, the male suspect’s phone number was the same as the number for village police headquarters.

       Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen would not comment on the report yesterday, other than to say that “there is an ongoing internal investigation”  and that he would have more to say once it was concluded, probably next week.

       The report indicates that East Hampton Village detectives are pursuing the matter.