On the Police Logs 01.16.14

East Hampton Village

A 23-year-old East Hampton woman told police that a strange man had followed her out of the East Hampton Library after dark on Jan. 7 as she walked to her car. The woman said she had left her dog in the car, with the engine running, and had run inside to take out a movie. On her way outside, she stopped at the free books carts and began looking at books. She said she felt uncomfortable when the man entered the area. She left the building and believed the man was following her. She ran back toward the library entrance, and the man got into a Toyota truck. She then used her cellphone as a light, ran back to her car, and drove home, where her father advised her to return to the library to report the incident.

A Northwest Woods woman found herself locked out of her Lexus, which she had parked outside the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter on Saturday afternoon. She told police she believed that someone had accidentally taken her jacket, which had her car keys in a pocket. Police gave the woman a ride to her house on Settlers Landing Lane to allow her to pick up a spare set of keys, while a RECenter worker tried to get in touch with the person who had mistakenly removed the jacket.


Assorted wrenches were reported stolen from Uihlein’s Marina early last month. They had been stored in a boat repair building. Kevin Seeliger told police he had seen a Mercedes-Benz leaving the boatyard. When police located the vehicle, the driver told them that he had brought his relatives from Italy to the boatyard to show them his boat, and that nobody had taken any wrenches, which were valued at $300.

Northwest Woods

Thieves targeted a black Jeep parked outside a house on Wheelock Walk on the night of Jan. 5. Patricia Corbey told police that when she went to her car the next morning, two radar detectors, a GPS system, and a mobile WiFi device were missing. She estimated their value at almost $800.

Sag Harbor

Vandals targeted Redwood Road properties Saturday night. An officer reported several damaged mailboxes Sunday morning. By 11:30 a.m. that day, a number of calls began coming into police headquarters reporting damaged mailboxes and fences, as well as a street sign that had been knocked down. Police are canvassing the area to see if there might have been a home security camera that caught the vandals on tape.


A Wainscott man who tried to bring a dose of civility to the dinner hour at Michaels’ restaurant on Jan. 5 told police he ended up being harassed. He said he was having dinner with a friend when another patron began using loud, obscene language. When the reported loudmouth was asked to lower his voice because there were ladies present, his friend grabbed the Wainscott man and had to be restrained by other diners. No charges were pressed.