Jailed in Lieu of $20,000 Bail

       An East Hampton man is facing two felony charges of criminal contempt, stemming from a domestic violence incident Monday night in which he was said to have thrown a glass candleholder at his wife, hitting her in the head. He was being held in the county jail in Riverside as of yesterday after failing to post bail of $20,000.

       The wife of Brian E. Castillo, 33, held an order of protection against him, issued last June in a county court after he was found guilty of violating an earlier protective order. At his arrest the month before, East Hampton Town police said he had burned her face with a cigarette. He was charged then with felony assault.

       Orders of protection against Mr. Castillo have been handed down at least three times in the past year by local courts. He is currently accused of violating two of those orders, resulting in the new felony charges.

       He was additionally charged when arrested last May with resisting arrest and criminal mischief for kicking and damaging the window and door of the police car that was taking him to headquarters. It reportedly took three officers to subdue the handcuffed man.

       Despite their troubled history, according to court records, the couple have continued to live together, off and on, in an apartment on Montauk Highway, with Mr. Castillo’s mother.

       Noray Castillo called police Monday night. In her statement at headquarters, she said that an argument began after her husband told her he was going out drinking. The argument escalated, she stated, until “all of a sudden Brian grabbed a big glass candle and threw it at me,” striking her in the head. “It was about 9:18 when I called the cops.” Mr. Castillo ran out the door, she said.

       An officer who returned to the apartment later found Mr. Castillo there and placed him under arrest.

       “Yeah. Yo. I had a fight with my wife. So what?” Mr. Castillo is reported to have said to police at the stationhouse.

       His wife was at East Hampton Justice Court with his mother when he was brought in for arraignment on Tuesday morning. Two town police officers, along with a court officer, guarded him as he was being led in, handcuffed, to the courtroom. The two women approached him in the hallway.

       “Can I talk to my wife,” he asked. “No,” said one of the officers.

       Mr. Castillo told Justice Steven Tekulsky that he has been out of work since last April.

       When Justice Tekulsky set the $20,000 bail, he noted that the  district attorney’s office had requested that amount.

       “Your record includes several misdemeanor convictions and a prior felony,” he told Mr. Castillo, adding that he would assign a Legal Aid Society lawyer to represent him. The defendant is due back in court today to meet with her. The attorney, Sheila Mullahy, appears in Justice Court on behalf of Legal Aid every Thursday.

       As he was led out of the courtroom he turned and smiled at his wife and  mother. They watched him being led away, then left the courthouse, walking slowly in the frigid cold across the parking lot.

       If Mr. Castillo does not meet bail but is not indicted by a grand jury by Sunday morning, he will be released from jail, under state law.