Also on the Logs 02.06.14

East Hampton Village
     Bitter cold last week and much warmer temperatures Saturday appear to have caused a pipe in the garden sprinkler system of a Buell Lane house to burst. Police called the caretaker, who came and shut the water off.

    Footprints in the snow caused a house watcher who was checking on an Amy’s Lane property Friday to call the police. The footprints led to a pool pump, from which a trespasser had apparently attempted to remove copper coils, unsuccessfully. Police said they would send extra patrols to the area at night.

    A window at the Red Horse Market was found broken on Jan. 27, possibly the target of a BB gun. The repair will cost about $300.

    Police were called about a dispute at the house known as Congress Hall on Main Street on Jan. 27. The couple who own the house, which is being worked on, told police they were unhappy with one of the contractors. Police told all three that their dispute was a civil matter, outside their purview.

    At sunrise on Jan. 27 a deer was found with its back legs stuck in a fence on Woods Lane. An officer managed to free the animal, which appeared to have both back legs broken but still made it into the woods. Another deer appeared to have broken a leg as it attempted to jump a high fence the next day on Georgica Road. In both cases, a representative of the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center responded to the scene.

    Police and firefighters were called to a Briar Patch Road property on Georgica Pond on Jan. 29 by someone alarmed by the smell of gas. The building was found to be safe.

Sag Harbor
    Someone tried to break into LT Burger on Main Street through the backdoor early last Thursday. Two locks were removed, but the would-be burglar apparently didn’t realize that the door was also secured from the inside by a deadbolt lock, which the person “could not breach,” police said. Repairs to the locks will cost about $100, the restaurant’s manager said.

    The front glass door at the Ideal stationery store on Main Street was found broken Friday morning. Police were told that something similar had happened previously when a newspaper deliveryman threw a stack of papers against the door. Video from a surveillance camera will be checked for a culprit.

    A man walking his dog on Main Street called police on Jan. 28 to report that another dog walker, a woman, had let one of her two dogs off the leash. The man said the woman’s unleashed animal lunged at him. When police arrived, the woman was gone.

    A plastic toy rifle left behind on a bench at Marine Park on Bay Street led to a call to police Sunday evening. Police placed the toy in their lost and found.

    A large dog at large was the report that sent police to Atlantic Avenue Saturday night. An officer said he saw a big white-and-brown dog that would run whenever he approached it. The dog was eventually retrieved by its owner, who lives on that street.

     Police and firefighters were called to Suffolk County National Bank on Main Street last Thursday because of a smell of smoke. It was found that a motor in the boiler room had burned out. Firefighters cleared the building of smoke using high-powered fans.