Only Two D.W.I. Arrests

Arrest logs of local police comparatively clear

    The constant onslaught of winter’s worst weather has kept the roads and arrest logs of local police comparatively clear in recent weeks. Only two alleged driving while intoxicated incidents led to arrests in the area last week, both by East Hampton Town police.

    An officer came upon a 2007 Nissan on the shoulder of Hand’s Creek Road in the Northwest Woods area on Jan. 28, a little after 10 p.m., according to the log. A Springs man, Timothy R. Tyler, was seated behind the wheel, with the engine running, police said. Mr. Tyler appeared “disorientated,” the officer reported, noting that an open can of Budweiser was in the cup holder.

    Failing sobriety tests, Mr. Tyler was arrested and his car searched. Tablets of Hydrocodone acetaminophen, a popular prescription narcotic drug sold under several brand names, including Vicodin and Norco, were found as well as a glass pipe, according to the police.

    At headquarters, Mr. Tyler waived his Miranda rights, and reportedly told police, “I took a Norco about an hour ago. I was driving around up here, to look at the deer.”

    He agreed to have his blood drawn to have the level of drugs determined.

    The next morning, during Mr. Tyler’s arraignment in East Hampton Justice Court, the district attorney’s office asked that bail be set at $1,000, but East Hampton Justice Steven Tekulsky set bail at $100, noting that Mr. Tyler has local ties.

    A second man, also of Springs, was charged with D.W.I. on Sunday morning by town police. Police said Jorge M. Peralta-Guazhambo, 39, was seen swerv­­­ing across lane lines and onto the shoulder of Three Mile Harbor Road a little after 4 a.m.

    Failing roadside sobriety tests, he was arrested and taken to police headquarters where he refused to take a breath test. Besides the drunken driving charge, Mr. Peralta-Guazhambo was charged with other moving violations: driving without a license and driving with an open container of alcohol in the car.

    He told Justice Lisa R. Rana during his arraignment that he was from Ecuador, but that, while not a citizen, he had been in this country for nine years. The justice set bail at $500, which was posted by friends in the courtroom for the arraignment.