On the Police Logs 02.13.14

East Hampton

A resident of the Oakview Highway trailer park was apparently bilked out of several hundred dollars early last month. Carlos Nieves told police that he had been searching the Internet for a job as a driver. He thought he found just such a position on a site that said it required a payment of $295 “to join the driving club.” Mr. Nieves sent the money via MoneyGram, as instructed, and then received a call from a man telling him that a job was open, but that another payment of $398 was needed to secure the job. He sent that too. This was followed by yet another call, requesting $500 more. At this point, the incident report reads, Mr. Nieves realized “that he was possibly involved with a company that did not exist.” Police are investigating.

A Three Mile Harbor man told police on Feb. 4 that a neighbor had a siren that would go off in the middle of the night and had added a searchlight, as well, which he would shine through the complainant’s window. When police questioned the owner of the siren, they were told that the caller had a dog that would bark all night. Police warned the siren’s owner that he faced potential criminal charges if he continued in his actions and cautioned the caller about the barking dog.

A space heater and a power cord were stolen from a construction site on Stonewall Court at some point around New Year’s Day.

East Hampton Village

An employee of Riverhead Building Supply who regularly parks in the parking lot near the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter told police that a man has repeatedly approached him when he parks for work, saying that “he should not park in the parking lot unless he was going to the Y.M.C.A.” An officer told the man in question “that it was a public lot which is open to anyone.”

A 1996 black Cadillac Eldorado caught fire Friday morning on King Street. East Hampton Fire Department volunteers doused the flames, which were coming from under the car’s dashboard.

A silver bracelet was turned in to police on the evening of Feb. 4. Police were told that it had been found outside the Waldbaum’s grocery store on Newtown Lane.

A business on Toilsome Lane had its rear exterior vandalized with graffiti two weekends ago. The back of the building abuts the railroad tracks. The woman who reported the damage on Feb. 2, who works for Island Group Administration, was uncertain of the cost of the cleanup.

A recycling permit belonging to a Cove Hollow Road woman was reported missing last Thursday. Police did not indicate whether the sticker had been removed from a vehicle.

Sag Harbor

Jeff Robinson, the park manager at Mashashimuet Park, told police last Thursday that a man in a white Jeep repeatedly drives into the park and then gets out of the vehicle and “defecates in the middle of the park.” Mr. Robinson told police that “he wants it stopped.” Police are investigating.

Several calls came into police headquarters on Feb. 3 complaining about cars being parked at Mashashimuet Park. Police explained that the circus was performing at Pierson High School, and that performers had parked with police permission.

Tom Clavin told police that his brown shepherd had disappeared from his yard on Garden Street last Thursday afternoon. He later found the dog.

The Sag Harbor Fire Department joined police at Christ Episcopal Church on Hampton Street because of a gassy smell in the building Saturday afternoon. Firefighters discovered that a vent pipe from the septic system was frozen and recommended that a plumber be called.

A female cat disappeared from a Jermain Avenue house Monday morning. John Welteroth told police the cat was 2 or 3 years old and wearing a pink collar.


Three six-packs of Heineken were stolen from a house undergoing renovations on Gardiner’s Lane on Jan. 10. Several workers had been going in and out of the house, according to its owner, Ellenka Baumrind, who discovered the theft when she returned home with groceries. Two days later, one of the workers at the site reported having his Milwaukee Sawzall stolen. David Siedlarz valued the saw, along with several missing blades, at $300.

Three tires on a 2011 Chevrolet pickup truck parked in a Broadway Avenue driveway were slashed overnight between Feb. 2 and Feb. 3. Natalie Duane told police she had not seen any footprints in the snow, which had started to fall at about 5 a.m. She said it would cost about $1,000 to replace the damaged tires.