On the Police Logs 02.20.14

East Hampton

A smashed rear window on her 2002 Toyota Rav4 was the unpleasant gift left for Mariana Yupa on Valentine’s Day. The car was in her driveway on Three Mile Harbor Road.

A Spinner Lane house was broken into earlier this month. Gene Lamonda, who watches the house for its owner, told police someone entered and rummaged through it between Feb. 4 and Feb. 8. The house was said to be a seasonal residence, with nothing of value inside. The intruder, police said, came in through a bathroom window and apparently left with nothing. 

Police were called last week to the North Main Street I.G.A. by its owner, Robert Stark, who told them that a checkout employee had swiped a credit card, then removed the equivalent amount of cash from the drawer and pocketed it. Mr. Stark fired the employee, who has returned the missing $112.50, and told police he would not press charges. The store has surveillance cameras watching the registers.


A Flamingo Court resident received a call from a man pretending to be her grandson on Feb. 6. The caller said he had been arrested in Mexico “and needed money wired down.” Lieselotte Ebsen began asking questions, and the caller hung up. The call came from a blocked number, she told police. Ms. Ebsen called her grandson, who, police said, “was fine and at work.”

Sag Harbor

A caller reported that a swan was walking in the middle of Main Street near John Street, stopping traffic. When police arrived the bird had flown and traffic was flowing.

Early last Thursday evening, several callers reported that a man was harassing pedestrians outside the Sag Harbor Cinema. Officers found a man trying to wedge open one of the side doors to the theater. Several people who had been waiting in line for the movie, as well as at the nearby Jitney stop, had gone into the theater lobby for safety. They told police that the man in question, who appeared “highly intoxicated,” was shoving people and spitting at them. The man was taken to Division Street headquarters, where his brother came and got him.

The Sag Harbor school system practiced “lock-down” procedures on the morning of Feb. 11 in conjunction with the police.


Robert Budd of Hog Creek Road got a phone call on Feb. 11 from someone claiming to be a Reno, Nev., police officer, who said that Mr. Budd’s grandson had been “arrested for D.W.I.” and that Mr. Budd needed to send $1,700 to a bondsman in the Dominican Republic. The concerned grandfather went to his bank, Suffolk County National, to withdraw the money. A wary teller warned him that the call “sounded like a scam,” and no money was sent. Mr. Budd called his grandson, who East Hampton police said “is away at college and is well.”

A Harbor Boulevard man who was hoping to buy a cargo van called police last Thursday afternoon after sending $1,500 to a putative Google Wallet agent in Chicago. Keith Ellis told police he became suspicious when the seller requested an additional $1,800 be sent to cover insurance, promising to refund the money upon delivery of the vehicle. Mr. Ellis had sent the money through Western Union. Both Western Union and Google Wallet told police they believed the transaction was fraudulent. Police helped Mr. Ellis file a claim for a refund.