Reluctant Guest of Police

       A Montauk woman who had a prolonged stay in police custody this week is now facing a felony charge of driving while intoxicated.

       Early Monday morning in Montauk, an East Hampton Town police officer driving one of the department’s four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, which the force has deployed extensively during the wintry weather, found a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze in a snowbank off the road at the point where Industrial Road hooks south, becoming Second House Road. Jeannine Logie, 38, was said to be seated behind the wheel, “passed out,” with the engine running. It was about 5:30 a.m.

       After radioing for backup, the officer had Ms. Logie perform roadside sobriety tests, which she “performed poorly.” A check of her car reportedly turned up a small amount of marijuana. The officer put Ms. Logie in the passenger seat of the truck and headed for headquarters on Wainscott Northwest Road.

       As they approached the building, Ms. Logie, whose hands were cuffed behind her back, allegedly kicked the officer on his right side, twice. This behavior, police said, continued inside the processing area, where the woman, after refusing to take a breath test, kicked another officer in the legs and bit a third officer on the hand.

       While no day is a good day to be arrested, Presidents Day was a particularly bad one, because both East Hampton Town justices, Lisa R. Rana and Steven Tekulsky, were in New York taking a continuing education course. An annual two-day course is mandatory for all justices in the state.

       Ms. Logie’s arraignment was to take place that morning in Southampton Town Court in Hampton Bays. However, police said, she was taken instead to Southampton Hospital for undisclosed reasons, where she was treated in the emergency room. By the time she was released back into custody, the day’s Southampton court session was over, and police drove her back to Wainscott, where she spent the rest of the day and Monday night in a women’s holding cell.

       On Tuesday morning she was driven back to Hampton Bays, where she was finally arraigned. The D.W.I. charge against her is a felony charge, because she was convicted of drunken driving in 2005. She also faces three harassment charges, one for each officer she is said to have kicked or bitten, and a marijuana possession charge. All four of those infractions are classified as violations.

       She pleaded not guilty, and bail was set at $500. Back at East Hampton police headquarters in Wainscott, bail was posted, and Ms. Logie was finally released.