The Case of the Steaming Piles

Sag Harbor Village police arrested on March 12 a Jamesport man they said has defecated in the parking lot outside Mashashimuet Park on multiple occasions, despite the location of nearby public restrooms. Jeff Robinson, the park’s manager, told police last month that a white male would drive into the lot in a white Jeep Wrangler, usually in the morning, get out of his car, disappear for a couple of minutes, return to his car, and drive away, headed east.

Each time, Mr. Robinson told police, after the man left he would discover human feces in the lot.

While he had previously reported two separate incidents, last week Mr. Robinson took matters into his own hands, according to police. When he saw the man drive into the lot around 8:30 on the morning of the arrest, he got into his own car and followed him out of the park. The white Jeep ended up at a Joel’s Lane house, police said. Mr. Robinson then returned to the parking lot and confirmed the presence of a new “pile of human excrement,” the report reads.

An officer then went with Mr. Robinson back to the Joel’s Lane address, where the park manager identified Jeffrey McKay as the man in question. Mr. McKay was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of public lewdness, as well as disorderly conduct, a violation. He was released from the station house with a return date in Sag Harbor Village Court on April 1, when he will be arraigned.