On the Police Logs 03.27.14

East Hampton

Two six-gallon containers were stolen off a small town-owned boat stored on a trailer on town property on Pantigo Road early this month. The cans contained about 10 gallons of gasoline in all. The theft was reported on March 15.

East Hampton Village

A “seal in distress” call sent police to Georgica Beach on March 18. They “located seal, and seal appeared to be healthy,” the report read.

The manager of Starbucks on Main Street told police there was an unwanted guest in the coffee shop Saturday afternoon. “The subject was yelling at the employees,” the report says. After the manager filed a trespassing complaint, the visitor was escorted outside and told he would have to buy his coffee elsewhere.

A woman driving a 2012 Chevrolet Suburban in the village was pulled over by police early in the evening of March 19 after a call came in reporting an erratic driver. She told the officer “she was distracted by the children and the dog in the vehicle,” the police report said. “Subject was not intoxicated.”

The son of an 85-year-old North Main Street man borrowed his father’s car Saturday afternoon, saying he was “going to Montauk for an hour or so, and would return.” Four hours later, the father called police, concerned that he was unable to contact his son. But the 59-year-old son did call his father soon after, and the case was closed.

Sag Harbor

“Injured duck” was the report from a concerned caller Friday afternoon. The animal was said to be at the intersection of Archibald Way and Jermain Avenue, a likely resident of nearby Otter Pond. When police arrived, the duck was gone, apparently having joined the others in the water.


Someone shattered a glass sliding door at the rear of a house by the horse stable opposite Deep Hollow Ranch on Old Montauk Highway last Thursday.

A sliding glass door behind the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop was smashed Friday night. Gail Engelmann told police it would cost $500 to repair the glass door and the handles on the front door, which had been damaged when the vandal tried to force them open. The police report did not mention anything having been stolen.


Two U-Haul trucks parked in a fenced-in area behind Wainscott Hardware on Montauk Highway were the target of a gasoline thief or thieves at some point between March 11 and March 18. Anibal Valdes, an employee, told police he discovered the theft when he went to turn the engine on in one of the trucks before renting it out, and the gas gauge indicated the tank was empty. Each GMC truck had a single hole drilled into its gas tank, and the tanks were then siphoned dry. Thirty-eight gallons of gas were stolen, valued at $144, and the repairs to the tanks will cost more than $600 each. It appears that the trucks were parked in an area that is not covered by surveillance cameras. Police are investigating.

A car parked at a property on Esterbrook Road and a shed there were entered and gone through, according the property’s owner, Colette Clancy, who reported the trespassing last Thursday. She said that nothing had been taken and asked police for additional patrols.

Thomas Gilbert, a New York City resident who owns a house on Georgica Association Road, called police after returning from the city earlier this month, alarmed to find the thermostat turned up and a stain on a rug on the second floor. Nothing was reported stolen.