On the Police Logs 04.10.14


A missing iPhone 4S reported by a resident of Issac’s Path led police, using its Find My Phone app, to a house on Gardiner’s Lane on Springs on April Fool’s Day. The man who answered the door said he had found the phone the day before near CVS in East Hampton Village and had been trying to reach the owner, but could not because the phone was locked.

East Hampton Village

Police visited a wooded area near the Long Island Rail Road trestle on North Main Street last Thursday after receiving a report “of a subject in a blanket in the wooded area.” Officers found the man, who said he was homeless and did not think he was trespassing. After being told he was on private property, he left.

“Shots fired” was the report from Cross Highway between Further and Middle Lanes on the night of  March 31. Police investigated. “No gun shots, or anyone in the area. Unfounded,” the report concluded.


Businesses in the dock area have been the target of scammers who present themselves as utility employees. Sail Inn and Gosman’s Seafood have both received calls from people who say they can help the businesses with their electric bills. George Callaway of Sail Inn told police his caller posed as a creditor, saying he needed to collect payment on a bill or the inn’s power would be shut off. Mr. Callaway challenged the caller, saying he had paid the bill, and demanded to speak to a supervisor. The caller then hung up. The office at Gosman’s received a similar call. Police are investigating.

Sag Harbor

“Open door jailhouse” was the report police received Sunday night. The door in question is the iron entrance to the ancient basement jail at what is now the Firemen’s Museum on Church Street. Police closed the door.

An attempt via Internet to defraud a Latham Street man was foiled Monday after the man called police. Steven Haschedder reported that after answering a want ad for a secret shopper he received three checks in the mail, each for over $2,000. He was told to deposit them in his account, keep $400 for himself, and send the rest to an account via Western Union. Police discovered that the account was in Manila, and advised Mr. Haschedder to alert the F.B.I. as well.

A report of a white man in a black cap acting suspiciously brought police to Water Street Saturday afternoon. When officers arrived, there was no man to be found.


Zoila Avila Avila called police on March 31 after finding the rear window of his 2005 Nissan Altima smashed and major scratches on the car, which was parked overnight on Flaggy Hole Road.


A driveway on Bark Court lined with multicolored pebbles was targeted by thieves on March 24. Over $1,000 worth of pebbles was stolen, Atsuko Murayama Shilowitz told police.