On the Police Logs 05.15.14


A car parked in front of an Ocean Lane house had its rear left tire slashed last Thursday afternoon. Christoph Jorg told police it will cost about $150 to replace.

East Hampton Village

“Three subjects walking in her yard” brought police to a residence on The Circle early Sunday morning. The three told police they were neighbors, searching for a lost dog. The homeowner, however reported that “one of the suspects did knock on her front door. She was able to see the suspect from her bedroom and it appeared the suspect was looking around. She also heard subjects in her studio apartment,” and added that someone had taken a wicker stool from the studio and left it out in the rain. Police advised the trio to stay off their neighbor’s property.

Saturday night was fight night at Baiting Hollow Road and Darby Lane, when reported road rage spurred two groups of men to get out of their cars and exchange blows. All involved declined to press charges.

Two bicycles left at the bike rack near the Bonne Nuit store on Main Street for over a week may be reclaimed from the lost and found at police headquarters on Cedar Street.

A Maidstone Avenue woman complained on May 5 that vibrations from the demolition of a neighboring house were damaging her own residence. Items on her windowsill toppled off it, she said, and a glass vase was broken. She wanted the incident on record.


A fight broke out in Salivar’s parking lot Friday night after the daughter of a Montauk man dining with his family at the newly reopened restaurant noticed the dome light in his GMC was on. Joseph Pannasch told police he went outside and saw a man holding his wife’s purse and cellphone, which he recovered “after a short altercation.” The man ran off. Mr. Pannasch told police he did not want to press charges.

Sag Harbor

A shoplifter described as a white female with “short dark hair, a grayish baseball cap, and an oversized gray shirt” hit the Flying Point Surf Boutique Monday evening. She walked off with a gray “Free People” sweatshirt, size large, valued at $68.

 Late on the night of May 6, an Atlantic Avenue woman reported hearing someone outside her window, and that her cable and Internet connections were going out. She also said “a suspicious person” had come onto her property recently, asking her “strange and personal questions.”

A yellow tandem kayak belonging to Miriam Cybul disappeared last week from her backyard on Notre Dame Road, which abuts the Little Narrows.

On May 7, James Tripp told police he had seen a vehicle drive in the grassy dog-walking area by Havens Beach, right up to his backyard, before turning around and leaving.

An orange weather-gear jacket belonging to a State Department of Environmental Control worker was inadvertently left behind last Thursday afternoon in a Bay Street work area.


A prowler was heard outside a 7th Street house early last Thursday morning. Lisa Eggert told police she heard what sounded like a piece of furniture being dragged across her deck, so she turned the exterior light on and opened a sliding door. She then heard what she took to be someone tripping over yard furniture as he or she ran off into the dark. At daybreak, she found two garden chairs pushed up under a window.