Also on the Logs 05.22.14

Local Police News

    The lug nuts on a rear wheel of a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer were loosened to the point where the tire almost fell off on Atlantic Avenue on May 11. The driver, Jeremy Burton of Bluff Road, told police that another motorist managed to wave him down to tell him about the tire. He speculated that the lug nuts might have been loosened by someone he had had an altercation with at the Memory Motel in Montauk the night before.

East Hampton
    A pool heater was stolen from a Bull Path residence earlier this month or late last month. The Sta-Rite propane pool heater could be seen from the street, the police report said. Fraiver Cardenas discovered the theft when he went to service the pool. The homeowners, Eileen and Charles Miller, valued the heater at $3,000.

    A Montauk teenager had about $200 stolen from her book bag, which had been “left unsecured” in the girls locker room at the high school on May 8.

    A Stony Brook woman looking for a place to rent for a week in August sent $1,280 as a deposit via PayPal in response to a listing for a house at 6 Augie’s Path she saw on Craigslist. But when Kathryn Brown drove out to see it on May 6, she discovered that there was no such residence. The photographs she had seen on the website were of a neighboring house. The caretaker there told her that it had never been listed for rent. Ms. Brown told police she wanted the incident on record.

East Hampton Village
    An East Hampton man told police the license plates had been stolen from his vehicle parked outside the Waldbaum’s supermarket on Newtown Lane last Thursday morning. When police checked the video from the store’s exterior surveillance cameras, however, it appeared that the plates were already missing when the vehicle pulled into the lot. Carlos Guzeman was told to call town police, since his Boxwood Street residence is out of village police jurisdiction.

    Someone attempted to steal a U-Haul truck parked behind Consumer Tire on Railroad Avenue last week. Mike McCarron told police last Thursday that the vehicle had been locked overnight, and that the would-be thief had damaged the steering column and ignition lock cylinder. He was unsure of the cost of the repair.

    A noise complaint Saturday evening on West End Avenue resulted in a ticket for a Springs man, Jorge Ordonez-Sandoval, for using gas-powered landscaping equipment after 3 p.m., the weekend cutoff time for such activity under the village code.

    Police are investigating the theft of a black 2010 Carry-On trailer last week. Gustavo Gomez told police Sunday he had parked it by the garage at the rear of a Buell Lane house a few days earlier. The missing trailer was valued at $1,000.

    With the summer season about to begin, pools and their maintenance made some waves on the police blotter last week. The East Hampton Fire Department, with the assistance of a village police officer, cleaned up a spill of chlorine on North Main Street on May 14. And on May 12 police received a call from the editor of The East Hampton Star, David E. Rattray, who said that water from a pool being drained was flowing into the newspaper’s parking lot. Police followed the stream to its source on Dayton Lane, where a gardener “cut the water off for the day” after being told such drainage “was against village code.”

Sag Harbor
    Twice last week, police were sent to the Sag Harbor Pharmacy on Main Street, first on May 13 and again on Friday, when alarms signaling holdups in progress went off. In both cases, the pharmacist said the alarm had been set off accidentally.

    Lawn mowers started by a landscaping company after 7 p.m. last Thursday on West Henry Street caused a neighbor to phone police. The workers shut down their machines after being told that by village ordinance such work can be done only between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Police have been searching for whomever was behind the wheel of a white Jeep said to be driving on the greens of the Sag Harbor Golf Course last Thursday.