Also on the Logs 05.29.14

East Hampton Village
An East Hollow Road woman called police Friday when she saw what appeared to be a dead deer in her driveway. When police arrived, they discovered what was in fact a fawn. According to Ginnie Frati, executive director of the Evelyn Alexander Animal Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays, the best thing to do with newborn deer is stay away. It is not uncommon for the mother to leave her baby alone for a time. “She will return,” Ms. Frati said.

A Pleasant Lane couple had a visit from the police last week. The pair had had “a few drinks” at a local bar, police said, and when they returned home they argued “over another female” at the bar. The wife became physical, slapping and scratching her husband’s face, before police arrived. No charges were pressed.

A Highway Behind the Pond house has apparently been unoccupied for some time. A caretaker called police Friday night reporting five raccoons inside. They have since been removed.

A new Armillary copper sun dial, valued at $4,200, was stolen recently from a Washington Drive residence. Irene Goit told police she had the piece stored in her basement on May 6, and noticed a week later that the sun dial had been taken from its limestone base. There is work being done on the house; police are investigating.

Sag Harbor
Beau Campsey found two baby raccoons outside the Beacon Restaurant just after midnight Sunday and called police, who contacted the Wildlife Rescue Center. Ginnie Frati of the center (see East Hampton Village item), who said there were people “lined up out the door” there over the holiday weekend with rescued wild animals, advised that as with fawns, the best thing to do is stay away. The mother will come and get the babies.

Another raccoon was found by Dan Koontz on Hampton Street Monday night. That animal appeared to be sick. An officer came and trapped it and took it away. Raccoons are considered potential hosts of rabies by the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, so the Wildlife Rescue Center is not allowed to take them in. Instead, they are turned over to local departments of animal control. The report did not say what happened to Mr. Koontz’s raccoon.

Police received an anonymous complaint at 6 a.m. Sunday about a loud party on Richards Drive. The hostess told an officer that “she had guests in the pool.” She promised to quiet things down.

A woman in her 20s driving “an older green Jeep” gunned the engine as she pulled out of the gravel parking lot at 18 Bridge Street, spinning the wheels, which shot gravel out and damaged cars parked there. Jane Holden, a witness, reported the incident.

Jewelry was stolen from a Maritime Way house last month. Frances Himelfarb told police she was missing a platinum and diamond brooch, a double-strand pearl necklace, and designer evening bags, all taken from a bedroom dresser. She valued the items at $35,000 together, and said a painter, whose last name she did not know, had been working on the house.