Holiday Weekend Arrests

There were 15 alcohol or drug-related arrests on East Hampton Town roads over the past nine days, including the long holiday weekend.

East Hampton Village police arrested a New York man Sunday morning after he reportedly left the scene of an accident near Hook Mill. Ian Simpson Reisner, 45, faces several charges including driving with ability impaired by drugs.

According to Chief Gerard Larsen, Mr. Reisner was headed west at about 11 a.m. when he sideswiped a car parked on Pantigo Road near the windmill and drove away without stopping. Several witnesses called 911, and an officer caught up with the car at the nearby Schenk parking lot, though not before it struck a sign near the entrance to the lot.

The officer found Mr. Reisner to be unsteady and slurring his speech. Roadside sobriety tests were administered, which police said he failed. He was taken to headquarters, where a breath test produced a reading of .06, too low for a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated but high enough for the drug-related misdemeanor charge.

Mr. Reisner refused to have his blood drawn, the chief said. A blood test is the only admissible way for a court to determine the level and type of drugs in the body.

Because he was arrested after East Hampton Justice Court had completed its Sunday arraignments, Mr. Reisner spent the next 20 hours in a holding cell at Cedar Street headquarters.

With his attorney, David Smith, by his side, he stood before Justice Lisa R. Rana, handcuffed, on Monday morning. She asked him his occupation.

“I’m a real estate developer in New York,” he answered. Mr. Reisner is a founding partner in Parkview Development, which, according to its website, focuses on luxury hotels and high-end residential structures in the city. Before he founded the company in 2003, he was a managing director at Salomon Brothers.

“I see you have a liquor license,” the justice said.

“I have a bar and nightclub in a hotel I own in New York,” he replied. The hotel, The Out NYC, opened in 2012.

The court asked how often the defendant came to East Hampton.

“Five or six times each summer. My family owns a house in Water Mill.”

“I’m going to have to set some bail. Five hundred dollars,” Justice Rana said. Mr. Smith posted the bail at headquarters, and Mr. Reisner was released, with a return date of June 19.

“Once the facts come out, we believe this will be resolved in a favorable manner,” Mr. Smith said later, declining further comment.

A Springs man who was arrested Monday morning is facing a felony charge of D.W.I. East Hampton Town police stopped Jorge L. Alvarado, 36, earlier that morning on Montauk Highway near Skimhampton Road in East Hampton, saying his 1999 Volkswagen had been swerving across the road and that he was driving without headlights. The charge is at the felony level because he has a previous conviction for drunken driving, in April 2011. His blood-alcohol test reportedly produced a reading of .18.

Edward Burke Jr., a lawyer who was in court Monday representing another defendant, agreed to represent all six being arraigned that morning. He told Justice Rana that Mr. Alvarado had been in the community a long time and requested that she set low bail.

“He’s got an assault conviction and a petty larceny conviction,” she responded, setting bail at $15,000.

“You won’t be able to lower my bail?” Mr. Alvarado asked. “No,” she answered. Mr. Alvarado was taken to the county jail in Riverside.

Another man who was unable to post bail and is being held in the Riverside facility is Victor H. Ramirez-Bolanos, 51, of Springs, who was arrested Saturday night. Police said he drove through a stop sign at the intersection of Abraham’s Path and Town Lane in Amagansett, and that his blood-alcohol reading was .17, over twice the legal limit.

His record was problematic for Justice Rana. “You have a significant history in Wisconsin, including bail-jumping, which you were convicted of,” she said. She set bail at $1,000.

Three people were charged by town police over the holiday weekend with misdemeanor aggravated D.W.I. Casey Crowley, 22, of Sag Harbor was said to have had a .18 reading after being arrested early Monday morning. Laura N. Ross, 29, who told Justice Rana during her arraignment on Saturday that she had just moved to Montauk, had a reported reading of .21. Daniel L. Treschi, 27, of Brookhaven was the third person so charged; he too was arrested Monday evening.

Sag Harbor Village police arrested Mary Ann Eddy on Saturday night. East Hampton Town police also arrested the following: Alina Gershman, 28, of Montauk, Wolfson Septimus, 44, of New York City, Javier Soledad-Urbano of Southampton, Laura M. Steele, 25, of East Hampton, Thien H. Huynh, 22, of Springs, Cassandra C. Leggio, 24, of Manorville, Ali Faiyaz, 24, of Schenectady, and Zuajeily Marie Romero, 25, of New York City.

Ms. Romero presented a bit of a challenge for Justice Rana Monday morning. She had no money for bail and knew no one locally to call. She stood before the court still in party clothes, like several others who were arraigned over the long weekend.

“You’re going to have to call your mother,” Justice Rana said. Ms. Romero’s mother lives in Connecticut.

The young woman, standing tall in spike heels, pleaded to be released without bail.

“Stop, please stop,” said Justice Rana.

 “I promise I will be back here for my next court date,” Ms. Romero continued.

“I know you’ll be back, because if you’re not, I’m going to issue a warrant for your arrest,” Justice Rana said. She set the woman free without bail, but with a future date in court.