On the Police Logs 06.26.14

East Hampton

A mailbox along Washington Avenue was reported stolen Friday morning. Bruce Bates said it had been removed from its post at the end of his driveway. It was later found on Indian Wells Beach.

East Hampton Village

A white-and-red 12-speed woman’s bicycle with black lettering was reported stolen from a Further Lane property. The owner told police Saturday that the theft had occurred sometime during the past week, and that workers on the property had access to where the bike had been stored.

A woman complained about loud music at Baiting Hollow and Georgica Roads on the afternoon of June 17. An officer went there and wrote, “Undersigned did not hear music, and nobody was home.”

Another complaint about loud music sent police to the house and grounds at 233 Cove Hollow Road on Saturday. An event manager told police a sound system was being checked and agreed to lower the music.

A Pleasant Lane resident called in a noise complaint on Sunday around noon. A neighbor was vacuuming out his car.

One of the two young women arguing in the Reutershan parking lot called police when a traffic control officer stepped between them, trying to calm the two down on the morning of June 16. The 19-year-old “didn’t like the fact that the T.C.O. got involved in her argument,” a report said. Police told the traffic officer to call them in the future if a similar situation occurs.

A New York City resident with a house on Georgica Road told police Saturday morning that there was a “small deer trapped on the property.” Police found the fawn and moved it off the property, giving the caller the phone number of the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays, in case the animal should return. The center has previously advised that fawns that appear to be alone usually are not — the does frequently leave their offspring alone while they forage for food, but then return.

Sag Harbor

The father of a 10-year-old called police Saturday after taking his daughter and her friend home from the Sag Harbor Elementary School playground. He told police that a strange man, about 40 years old, walked up to them by one of the metal structures for children to climb on and said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to do a few pull-ups.” He then walked off, got into a car, and drove away.

A worker at the Corner Bar at Main and Bay Streets reported that twice last week a patron had ordered food, ate, and departed without paying, most recently on Friday night.

The flowers in the pots in front of the Sag Harbor Variety Store were pulled out, and wood from under the steps at the back of the Main Street shop was stolen Saturday night.

An employee locking up Provisions on Bay Street accidentally locked herself in the market’s vestibule Monday night. The owner of the store came and freed the trapped employee, Susan Blacklocke, police said.

A member of a wedding party staying at the Sag Harbor Inn pulled a false fire alarm twice in the early morning hours of June 15. The inn’s Debbie Gardella told police that the fire alarm system is newly installed, and that when the alarm was pulled, it went off in the inn in addition to alerting the alarm company but did not alert the police or fire departments. The hallway surveillance tapes the inn provided clearly show a man pulling the alarm, police said. They are asking the bride and bridegroom for help in identifying him.


Two sisters at a Sayre’s Path house bicycled down to the end of Beach Lane Sunday afternoon and went for a short walk on the beach, leaving their Townie bicycles in the parking lot. When they returned, the bikes had been stolen.