Also on the Logs 07.03.14

A Specialized 21-speed mountain bicycle that was “left unsecured” at the entrance to Indian Wells Beach was stolen the afternoon of June 25. Eric Kalabacos told police he had been at the beach for an hour when he discovered the theft. Police gave the lifeguards a description of the $1,200 blue-and-white bicycle and asked them to be on the lookout for it.

Two bikes were stolen from a Mako Lane yard on the night of June 21. Julia Loudon described one as an “older, rusty, dark blue Free Spirit woman’s bike” with a basket on front. The other was a 26-inch girl’s red Banana Bike with a black and red seat and “motorcycle-like handlebars.” She valued the girl’s bike at $200 and the other at $50.

A maroon 10-speed bicycle with a black seat, valued at $500, was reported stolen by an Oak Lane woman on June 19. Police are investigating.

A Springs man, Cesar Banados, was walking with two friends a little after midnight last Thursday in the Albert’s Landing parking lot when, he told police, three men in a 1997 brown Chevrolet Tahoe drove into the lot, honking the horn to force the three off the road. A fight ensued, and police were called, but the Tahoe was gone when they arrived. Mr. Banados told police his head hurt, and said he wanted to press charges.

East Hampton Village
The manager of Ricky’s NYC on Main Street called police after a juvenile was caught shoplifting. The teen stole a bottle of Not Your Mother’s Shampoo, nail polish, and a bottle of It’s a 10 hair conditioner, together worth $55. The teen was released from police headquarters on Cedar Street to the custody of her father after being told not to return to the store for the next five years.

A New York City couple refused to pay a $22 taxi fare on the afternoon of June 23, after being dropped off in the area of the middle school. Police found the pair on a bench in front of Sam’s Pizza, where they agreed to pay, plus an $8 tip.

“Numerous cases” of graffiti, all written in pencil, were removed from the wall of the Park Place men’s room on June 25.

A passenger in a taxi from UpIsland objected to the fare and took it out on the cab in the early morning hours of June 21. The driver, Aiman Shaukat of Smithtown, told police he had driven up to a Granada Court driveway when the man began disputing the charges. He finally paid, said Mr. Shaukat, but then picked up a rock and threw it at the cab’s rear window, chipping it. In his haste to get away, Mr. Shaukat drove into a ditch. Two other drivers for the company, Tayyab Shaukat of Ronkonkoma and another, unidentified, man, came to help him try to free the cab, a Crown Victoria, at which point the angry fare came out of the house and again confronted the first Mr. Shaukat, who called police. Neither Shaukat wanted to press charges. Police advised them “not to do business with the suspect anymore.”

A yellow Cannondale hybrid bicycle belonging to a guest at the Surf Club Resort was reported stolen last Thursday morning. Tova Sherman told police she had left the bike, which she said had a replacement value of $500, outside the entrance the night before.

The Point Restaurant was the scene of a fight between Jon Mohoney of San Francisco and Juno Chung of Honolulu after closing time early Saturday morning. “Both parties were separated by bouncing staff and removed from establishment,” according to the police log.

Two visitors from Connecticut left their wallets in their locked room at the Wavecrest Resort and cash was removed while they were away, they told police on June 23. Van Kolton and Silvia Sottile said they were missing $300.

A Flagg Avenue man returned after a two-month absence last Thursday to find that the Ruud central air-conditioning unit outside the house had been stolen. Peter Wiegand told police it would cost about $4,000 to replace it.

The owner of a cabin on Old Montauk Highway reported on June 17 that $4,400 had been stolen from a backpack left inside. Benjamin Etherington, who said he had arrived at the cabin the day before, had several workers on the property, both inside and out, he told police. He discovered the theft when he went to pay the workers, all of whom denied having taken the money.

Sag Harbor
A Bay View Avenue woman summoned police early Monday morning, reporting that she had left her exterior basement door open and was hearing “banging on the pipes.” Police found no intruders in the basement but noted that there was “a family of raccoons in the tree above the house.”

On Monday afternoon Debbie Ruddy, the manager of Lifestyles Clothing Store on Main Street, reported the theft of a boxwood bush from in front of the store. According to police, a surveillance video shows a white female removing the bush at about 7:30 Sunday evening.