‘I Was Here, You Were Not,’ Said the Judge

A Springs man who told East Hampton Town Justice Lisa Rana during his arraignment Sunday morning that he had forgotten his previous court date has been in the county jail since then, unable to raise bail.

After Christopher S. Pulido, 22, who has 20 unresolved charges against him stemming from a total of eight arrests, failed to show up in court on July 3, Justice Rana issued a warrant for his arrest. On Saturday night, he and a female companion were in Montauk, near John’s Drive-In on Main Street, when an East Hampton Town police officer spotted him and brought him in.

The numerous charges against him are all either violations or misdemeanors, with the exception of one count of criminal contempt for disobeying a court order. Six are for driving without a license; two charges are for harassment and criminal mischief.

“Good to see you, Mr. Pulido,” Justice Rana greeted him on Sunday. “You had a court date on July 3. I was here. Your attorney was here. But do you know who wasn’t here? You. Again.” He responded that it was the first time he had missed a date.

Then followed several minutes of silence as Justice Rana went through the stack of papers in front of her. She asked the defendant if he was working; he said he had been looking for a job.

“Do you want to be heard in respect to bail?” she asked. Mr. Pulido looked down at the floor, silent.

“Five dockets. All the bail you have posted has been forfeited. Five thousand dollars cash,” she said, setting bail.

Later that day, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department officers picked up Mr. Pulido and took him to the county jail in Yaphank, where he remained as of yesterday. He is due back in Justice Court today.