Rape Case Victim Will Testify

The case of the People of the State of New York vs. Jason Lee is slowly making its way to trial at the Cromarty Criminal Courts building in Riverside. Mr. Lee, a former managing partner at Goldman Sachs, is accused of raping a young Irish student last August at his summer rental house on Clover Leaf Lane in East Hampton.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys met on Friday to confer in the chambers of State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Kahn, who is hearing the case. Justice Kahn set the next court date for Aug. 22.

Both sides indicated afterward that no plea-bargain deal is contemplated. “No comment, with the emphasis on no,” said Andrew Lankler, one of Mr. Lee’s lawyers.

There had been some doubt as to whether the alleged victim would come back from Ireland to testify, but Kerriann Kelly, an assistant county district attorney, said otherwise. “We have been in contact with her,” she said. “She will come back to testify, if and when we need her.”