Also on the Logs 07.31.14


­On July 21, two bicycles were stolen from a rack on a back porch at a house on Cliff Road. Howard Schneider described them as a red 26-inch women’s Schwinn Streamliner, which had been purchased the day before, and an older maroon 26-inch women’s mountain bike with a large seat. The new bike, which had cost $650, had an Amagansett Beach Company sticker on the base of the frame.

Another bicycle was stolen from a Mako Lane house on July 22 or 23. Brie Walsh told police the purple 24-inch women’s Quiksilver mountain bike was taken from her driveway.

Two New Yorkers entering a coffee shop at the same time resulted in some pushing, a few hot words, and a complaint to police. Peter Kuhn told an officer on Main Street on July 12 that he had just entered Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee only to be shoved by Robert June. Mr. June told police he had been holding the door open for his wife, who was pushing a stroller, when Mr. Kuhn “just walked right in.” When Mr. June confronted Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Kuhn “got right in his face,” the officer said. “No charges to be pressed at this time,” the report concludes.

East Hampton

The swimming pool at a Sherrill Road house had an uninvited swimmer last week. Matthew Eggerton told police that someone had gone swimming in his pool between July 20 and last Thursday. He also said the trespasser had damaged a stone frog fountain, valued at $500.

An Apple iPhone5 was stolen off a table where Maria Cuevos told police she had left it while dancing at Finale East Hampton on Three Mile Harbor Road in the early morning hours of July 18.
East Hampton Village

A laptop valued at $2,000 was left on a table at the East Hampton Library on July 23 while its owner made a trip to the Waldbaum’s supermarket. Ten or 15 minutes later, when the New York man realized he had left the computer behind, he returned to the library, but the computer was gone. None of the librarians had seen the theft.
A huge bag of household garbage either fell or was thrown from a vehicle into the eastbound lane of Pantigo Road Tuesday morning. The village’s Department of Public Works was called to clear the debris, which was causing cars to swerve out of the lane.


A Brooklyn man reported his car stolen from in front of his share house on South Fairview Avenue. Alexander Eagan told police his 2010 Mazda was last seen in front of the house. Mr. Eagan said he had asked his housemates if they had taken it, but all of them said no. The missing car was eventually found nearby, on the grassy median on West Lake Drive and Ferncroft Place.

While running an errand, Nejma Beard left her gold-colored Prada wallet on the center console in her car, which was parked in the public lot behind Becker’s Home Center. When she returned 15 minutes later, the purse was gone. She canceled the bank cards in the purse and called police.

A teenage shoplifter was spotted pocketing two silver necklaces at Wave Wear on July 23. The owner of the store watched her as she went out onto newly named Carl Fisher Plaza and handed the necklaces to a friend. The owner did not press charges, but had police contact the parents of the two, and the case was turned over to the juvenile aid bureau.

A shop owner in the Gosman’s dock complex spotted a shoplifter palming a gold-colored bracelet last Thursday morning. Kim Smith confronted the man, who gave the bracelet back and left the shop. She then called police, who stopped the man a short time later. Ms. Smith declined to press charges.

Another store hit by shoplifters recently was Whoa Nellie on Main Street. Linda Seaton told police that two women pocketed five blue luxury soap packages while purchasing a sticker from her store. When police came by, “the store was very busy with many customers coming and going,” a report said. Police got a description of the shoplifters from the store’s busy owner and checked the downtown area, without success.

Sag Harbor

A man walking on Main Street Monday afternoon saw an old friend sitting on a bench and gave him a little kick in the leg as a playful way to say hello. Unfortunately, the seated man had a leg condition, making the kick painful enough to cause him to fall to the ground, leading a witness to call police. Both men told an officer that is was all in jest, with police classifying the matter as an “incidental incident.”

Svetlana McDonough of West Water Street summoned police Monday night because several raccoons were drinking from her swimming pool “and she was fearful.” Police assured her the animals were behaving normally and advised her to call animal control if they got out of hand.

A mother with a young child “was trying to get some frozen yogurt” from a shop on Main Street Friday night when she discovered that the child had wandered off. An officer soon found the child and reunited the two.

Sharon Einhorn called police Monday to report a possible burglary after she opened Ruby Beets on Washington Street. Police found that someone had entered the home furnishings store through a door in back that had a deadbolt lock requiring a key to open it. They also found an aluminum ladder in the backyard. It didn’t immediately appear that anything was missing, but Ms. Einhorn said she would do an inventory and update police later in the week.


A wall sculpture disappeared from Ashawagh Hall last Thursday night during an auction serving as a fund-raiser for Artists Against Addiction. The piece was later found outside, near the air-conditioning units.

A green Bobcat mower with a Kawasaki engine was pushed into a town-owned preserve off Muir Boulevard during the overnight hours between July 14 and 15. Police said it appeared to be in working condition, and that there were fresh footprints leading from the mower into the woods.

An East Hampton woman, Esther Maria Rendon Anchundia, told police on Friday that back on July 10 her handbag was stolen while she was at the Maidstone Park beach pavilion. Inside the bag were about $500 and her Ecuadorean passport and U.S.-stamped visa.


The tight quarters of the busy parking lot in front of the Seafood Shop on Montauk Highway led to a case of road rage on the afternoon of July 18. Douglas Baxter of Sagaponack told police that he was trying to park his car when another man apparently became enraged while he waited for Mr. Baxter’s car to clear his. After Mr. Baxter parked and got out of his vehicle, the other driver also got out and began shouting at and shoving the surprised Mr. Baxter before leaving. Mr. Baxter did not press charges, but wanted the incident documented and gave police the other man’s license plate number.