On the Police Logs 08.07.14


An employee of the Stephen Talkhouse, Brendon Gabbard, was “escorting” two men out of the bar on July 26 when, police reported, a third man punched him on the back of the head, ran out of the building, headed west on Main Street, and jumped into a black sedan, driving away.

East Hampton Village

Police stopped a yellow 2013 Hyundai sports car on Pantigo Road last Thursday morning after receiving a report that the driver had been reckless on Main Street. The woman driving “admitted to being distracted,” police said, adding that she agreed to “pay more attention.” She was allowed to continue on.

A resident of 32 Middle Lane made a “loud music” complaint late Saturday afternoon. Police tracked the sound down to a Further Lane estate, where an 89-year-old man had a “valid permit for a party,” and found that the music “was not in violation.”

Police responded to a report that a truck was selling ice cream on Main Street Saturday evening near the entrance to the Reutershan parking lot. When police arrived, the vehicle had melted away.

Police also investigated a Reutershan parking lot report — of a raccoon running about — last Thursday night. They failed to find the animal.

A report of a “possible domestic” brought police to a Newtown Lane residence Saturday afternoon. A man there told police “that he was yelling at his girlfriend over the way she acted in church at his aunt’s wedding.” The out-of-town couple agreed to go their separate ways.

A Meadow Way man complained that a landscaper was mowing the lawn at a neighbor’s property at 6:28 p.m. on July 30. The village has made 6 p.m. the cut-off time on week nights, but police said the landscaper “was not aware of the new noise ordinance and would cease lawn mowing.” 


A purse left on the dance floor at the Point Bar and Grill was stolen early in the morning of July 28. Martina Sedlackova, a seasonal worker in the hamlet, told police that the bag eventually was found, minus $900 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini cellphone.

The entrance gate at Rough Riders Landing near the train station was vandalized on July 25. Robert Aspenleiter, one of its managers, estimated repairs would cost about $150.

A Yonkers, N.Y., man who was planning to buy a laptop advertised on Craigslist was instructed to go to an East Lake Drive address to pick it up. Peterson Quintaneiro told police he had not sent the money as requested, which was just as well because the residents at the address were unaware of any such transaction.

Sag Harbor

Police received an anonymous call Saturday afternoon about a dog leashed in the pouring rain to a pole near the Corner Bar on Main Street. When the dog’s owner exited the bar, he told police he had been checking on the dog intermittently. The police advised him to shelter animal, and he did so.

Saturday’s heavy rain claimed a portion of Hempstead Street near Hampton Road, where a sinkhole opened at about 8 p.m. Police contacted the Highway Department, and put out cones and tape to warn unwary drivers.

A deer stuck in a fence brought an officer to the basketball court outside the elementary school on July 30. The officer cut a hole in the fence and freed the animal.

A shopper at the 7-Eleven on West Water Street, Amanda Wilson, left her wallet on the counter when she left the store early last Thursday. When she returned, her wallet was found, minus $40 and a PayPal debit card.


Wilson Zumba of Springs told police that $8,500 in cash had been stolen from his 2003 Ford, which had been parked on Cedar Ridge Drive in the early morning hours of July 13.

The sidewalls of the tires on the driver’s side of Sebastian Rodriguez’s 2000 Mercury van, which had been parked overnight on July 11 and 12 on Flaggy Hole Road, were punctured. The cost was $341 to replace them.