On the Police Logs 08.14.14


On July 17 at about 3:30 p.m., a resident of Old Stone Highway flagged down an officer on patrol and pointed out some “waste dirt with a putrid smell,” which he said had been illegally dumped onto his driveway, about 20 feet from the road. The estimated four to five yards of dirt was blocking access to three houses that share a common driveway. One of the homeowners called Bistrian’s to remove it.

East Hampton

John J. McGovern, the owner of East Hampton Wines and Liquors, called police Friday evening when the cash in the store’s safe was found to be $220 short. There is supposed to be $500 there, and it is counted twice a day, in the morning and at night. There was only $280, Mr. McGovern reported. No other information was available.

Marisol Ozturk said an acquaintance had come to her Whalebone Apartments residence on Aug. 6 at about 7 a.m. and started an argument, yelling and cursing. Ms. Ozturk said it had happened before, and wanted police to warn the person off.

East Hampton Village

Police were called to a house on Barns Lane, listed for sale for almost $3 million, for a reported trespass on Aug. 4, just after 5 a.m. They found two men on the back deck. One of them, a 55-year-old from New York City, claimed to have purchased the house the day before. The woman who made the call said the man had put in an offer, but that it had not yet been accepted. She declined to pursue charges.

At the Maidstone Club near the intersection of Old Beach Lane and Further Lane, grass was damaged and items were found strewn about, including a manila folder with medical records. Police were called on Aug. 5 at about 5:35 a.m., and said a car had apparently driven onto the grass.

A 34-year-old East Hampton woman called police from the Main Beach parking lot at about 7:45 p.m. on Aug. 5 after an argument with an ex-boyfriend. The argument began, she said, in a car on nearby Terbell Lane, and she got out and walked to Main Beach. An officer called the ex, who returned with her keys and cellphone, which he had taken from her.

A pair of sandals with beaded straps was taken on the evening of Aug. 5 from the driver’s seat of a convertible parked on Old Beach Lane.

A resident of Church Street summoned police Friday morning to say that a sport utility vehicle was blocking her view as she backed out of her driveway. An officer issued a warning to the owner of the 2003 Jeep, registered in Connecticut, for damaging a grass shoulder.

A North Main Street woman called police Friday afternoon after a probation officer turned up yet again at her house, looking for her former husband. She said she had advised the officer multiple times that he no longer lives there and she doesn’t know where he lives.

Police cited a 23-year-old New York City man seen handing out flyers for “Quan’s 7th annual exclusive all-white attire limited edition pool party blowout” to passers-by on Newtown Lane on Saturday, just before noon. No word on the party’s location.


Waiting on line at Pizza Village at about 2:50 a.m. Sunday, two young men, one from Brooklyn and the other from Flanders, got into an argument. Punches were exchanged, and police were called. Neither man wanted to pursue charges.

A man took a mounted fluke, worth $450, from Scott T. Schaefer’s boat last month. It happened on West Lake Drive.

On July 22, Marybeth Duffin-Hickey parked her 2011 GMC Acadia at Ditch Plain Beach at about 4:30 p.m. She returned at 7 to find scratches on both sides of the vehicle. Repairs will run about $500.

A shoplifter snatched a gold-colored bracelet, worth $200, from a store at 478 West Lake Drive on July 24 at about 12:50 p.m. Kim Smith said she was showing the person jewelry, and when she opened another case, the person “palmed” the bracelet. Ms. Smith phoned police, and the shoplifter was found a short distance from the store and advised not to return there after Ms. Smith declined to press charges. It was not clear whether the bracelet was recovered.

The “Cash Catch Raffle” sign has been stolen from the Montauk Chamber of Commerce building. Laraine Creegan, the chamber’s director, said the 36-by-60-inch sign was worth $600. It was taken between 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 3 and 9 a.m. on Aug. 4.

Cynthia C. Neat Estrella of Montauk was working as a hostess at Gosman’s Clam Bar on Aug. 7 when her cellphone, a white Samsung Galaxy 4 in a pink case, was stolen.

On Aug. 4 at about 10:50 p.m., Mohammed Sheikh and Muhammad Irfan, both of Shirley, got into a verbal confrontation with Amy E. Whitlock of Southampton, whose taxi blocked the driveway to a house on Flamingo Avenue, preventing Mr. Sheikh from parking his own cab there. Ms. Whitlock reportedly called for help from a friend, who arrived and punched Mr. Sheikh in the face. He told police he didn’t want to press charges. Police told all involved to avoid each other from now on.

Sag Harbor

Richard Decker went to police after finding an obscene drawing carved into the side of his 2008 Ford pickup. The truck was parked overnight on Aug. 9 in the municipal lot on Bridge Street.

A 25-year-old Bridgehampton woman was issued an appearance ticket on the evening of Aug. 5 after two small dogs, left alone in a 2000 Toyota Camry, were found in distress. A passer-by reported that the dogs had been in the car for over half an hour. All four windows were lowered three to four inches, but an officer said the Yorkshire terriers were panting and “appeared very uncomfortable.” An officer unlocked the doors, removed the dogs, put them in an air-conditioned police cruiser, and brought them to headquarters for water, leaving a note for the driver. She picked them up soon after.

Someone ripped off a sprinkler exhaust flap on the side of the Sag Harbor Launderette building on Aug. 7 or Aug. 8. It will cost about $100 to repair.

About 20 people were fighting in front of the 7-Eleven at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. Police arrived and calmed things down; no arrests were made.

Youths were also reported fighting in front of the Sag Harbor Inn on Aug. 6, at about 10:55 p.m. They were gone when police arrived.

Employees at Juicy Naam called police on Aug. 4 at about 9:05 a.m. when they discovered a damaged screen window at the back of the store. Police found scratch marks on the screen, indicating an attempted burglary. Detectives are investigating.

A Hampton Street woman called police on Aug. 6 to report several harassing messages and posts on Facebook days earlier. An East Hampton man reportedly wrote that she “should have died,” that “she looks like a man” and that “she’s a lying tramp.”


Marine Patrol is on the lookout for a stolen rowboat, which was taken from the waterfront near Harbor View Lane sometime between July 31 and Aug. 6. Matthew S. Driver, who lives on Hog Creek Road, said the 1986 aluminum boat, painted primer gray, was upside-down under paddleboards, and chained behind and to a wooden wall. There is a wooden motor-mound on the stern, but no motor.