On the Police Logs 08.21.14

East Hampton

Manuel Guerro’s BMW, parked outside an Amagansett Drive East house, was damaged overnight on Aug. 11, with extensive scratches in the vehicle’s finish.

East Hampton Village

A mailbox was damaged, apparently by vandals, and fell off its post on Egypt Close Road last weekend.

An argument between two roommates turned into a brawl late Saturday, during which windows at their apartment on The Circle were damaged. One of the young men suffered a broken tooth and face lacerations, but declined to press charges.

Police were called to the parking lot of the East Hampton Grill early Friday morning after a New York couple were overheard shouting at each other there. They drove away as an officer arrived, but were stopped on Woods Lane. The man said the argument had begun at the Finale, a nightclub on Three Mile Harbor Road, and that his companion had begun striking him as they drove, causing him to swerve back and forth across Main Street. The woman appeared highly intoxicated, according to the officer, but promised him that “she would be calm,” and the couple were allowed to continue their trip west.

A Pantigo Road woman called police around midnight on Aug. 12, reporting that a “heavily intoxicated male” had entered her house by mistake. The man, about 25 to 30 years old, apologized to her and left immediately, she said. An officer found the man, “who stated he was trying to get back to New York City” and said he had no recollection of entering anyone’s house. Police gave him a ride to Wainscott and left him at the Jitney stop there.

On Aug. 13, one of three owners of a Pudding Hill Lane house walked in on a Glen Cove couple who had rented it for the month. The owner told police he had not given permission to the other two owners to rent the house. The renters showed police their contract, and the police told the unhappy owner that his complaint was a civil one, and that he had to leave the property or face arrest for trespassing.

A Chicago woman reported losing her platinum wedding band, adorned with diamonds, at Main Beach on July 30. She valued the ring at $16,000.


The manager of Solé East hotel fired an employee on July 10 for “bad performance.” The person was later seen in the parking lot near the manager’s car. When the manager, David Ceva, went to the car, he discovered that obscenities had been scratched into the finish. Police questioned the ex-employee, who denied responsibility for the damage.

A Hampton Bays cabdriver working weekends in Montauk picked up a fare at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett early on the morning of Aug. 10. The man asked to be taken to the Montauk Beach House. When the driver stopped to pick up a second fare at Pizza Village on Main Street, the first man said he needed to make a withdrawal at the nearby Chase Bank in order to pay the fare. Afraid the man was trying to beat the fare, the driver got out of the cab to watch him make the withdrawal. After getting paid, he returned to the cab, where the second man, who had asked to be taken “to Ditch Plains,” said he no longer needed the taxi. The driver got back into the cab to find that his wallet, which he had left on the middle console, was open, with about $1,000 missing. By that time, the second fare had disappeared into the crowd on Main Street.

A Wilton, Conn., man parked at the Ditch Plain Beach main lot last Thursday for two hours. When Spencer Dinnean returned, a 10-foot-long Dakine black surfboard bag containing four boards was gone. The stolen items — a Rusty Dozer with a graphic of a bulldozer on the bottom, a Lance Dawson, a Timothy Patterson, and a Ken Garden with a KG graphic — were valued at about $2,500 total.

Eddy DeJesus’s license plates were removed from his car last Thursday while it was parked on South Elmwood Avenue.

A College Point man left his wallet for a few minutes on a counter at White’s Drug Store on July 28. When William Podmore went to retrieve it, it was gone. The wallet was eventually turned in to the police substation on South Embassy Street with all its credit cards intact but 10 hundred-dollar bills missing.

An Apple smartphone was stolen from Jennifer Maddelena of Blue Point while she was at the Gig Shack the night of Aug. 9.

A South Dorset Drive woman told police that she was surprised to find a man sleeping on her couch last Saturday morning. Anna Perez said the man woke up and apologized, saying he was staying at a South Delrey address, which is around the corner. He then got up and left the house. Anna Perez declined to press charges against the man.

A six-pack of beer and a pre-made sandwich were stolen from the 7-Eleven a little before midnight on Aug. 11.

Sag Harbor

About $200 in cash, along with two credit cards, a $100 Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card, and a Rhode Island driver’s license were removed from a wallet left on a bar stool early last Thursday at Murph’s. Stephanie Snyder told police she had left the wallet on a stool next to her boyfriend’s while she went to the restroom. The boyfriend did not see the thief in action in the crowded bar.

The Surf Boutique was targeted by a shoplifter on Aug. 12. Kelly Flaherty told police a woman had entered the changing room with a pair of jeans, a blouse, and nine pieces of swimwear, and left the store soon after with a blue bag over her shoulder. Ms. Flaherty discovered four pairs of Vix and Praver swimwear, together worth $574, missing.

A noise complaint was made at about 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 12. An officer went to Havens Beach at Bay Street to investigate and was told that the carnival held over the weekend was packing up and leaving town in five minutes.

On Sunday, Rosemary Kirchoff told police she had found several metal nails, bolts, and screws in the sand on the beach beside the windmill. The windmill underwent renovations several months ago.

A child’s red bicycle was reported stolen last week from a Harbor Drive yard. Kristen Quadland was uncertain of the make of the bike.

Denis Brown told police he had been anchoring his eight-foot Walker Bay vessel in about two feet of water off Minerva Beach for the past month. When he returned to the craft after leaving it unattended for 24 hours on Aug. 13, its Lehr Propane outboard engine, valued at $1,500, was gone.


A Gardiner’s Lane resident had a $20 bill stolen from her Jeep last Sunday morning. Dana Miller told police she had left the vehicle in her driveway, unlocked.

Joseph A. Gauger was clamming in Three Mile Harbor on Aug. 10 when he heard a hissing sound coming from his Chevrolet pickup truck. He told police he ran out of the water, but by the time he got there the vandal who had cut the valve from one of his tires had fled, speeding off in a cloud of dust down Babe’s Lane toward Gann Road. The tire will cost about $150 to repair.