Also on the Logs 08.28.14


A Thule bicycle rack was stolen from a Toyota parked on Leeton Road last week. Maureen McCabe-Hamel told police the rack disappeared in the overnight hours of Aug. 19.

East Hampton

The parent of a student attending summer classes at East Hampton High School reported her son’s black mountain bicycle with red lettering stolen on July 22. The boy was in class at the time. Maria Guaman said the bike was fairly new, and valued it at $200.

East Hampton Village

Three Jaguars were reported racing on Baiting Hollow Road Saturday afternoon. When police arrived, the cars were gone.

A vandal smashed four of the wooden pickets on the fence in front of the 1770 House in the overnight hours of Aug. 16. The cost of replacement was estimated at $150.

Two men in a car parked at CVS called police to say that another man “had been banging on the window, shouting in another language.” Officers found the offender, a Floral Park resident, on Pantigo Road out front and reported that he appeared intoxicated. He said he was “trying to locate his friends by knocking on car windows.” He then tried to run away, but tripped over his own flip-flops in the middle of the road. Police put him in handcuffs for his own safety, they said, and had him sit on the curb by CVS. He had scrapes on his toes and fingers from the tumble, but refused medical attention. A cousin eventually showed up and said he would take the man home.

Reports of “suspicious persons” knocking on doors on Mill Hill Lane and Baiting Hollow Road brought police out in the early evening hours of Aug. 20. The persons in question turned out to be members of “a citizens campaign for the environment, trying to gain signatures to get a bill passed to get hydrogen from waste water,” according to the police log. They were told to “quit for the night, due to people in the area complaining.”


The front window of a 2013 Audi parked near the Surf Lodge was damaged Sunday night. Matthew Aboff of Huntington, who discovered the damage around midnight, told police he had been in the nightclub for about two hours.

A Grant Drive man noticed his firewood being loaded into a white truck on the evening of Aug. 20. Much of the police report was blacked out, but Perry Reeps told police he had followed the truck and forced it to pull over. He declined to press charges after the “suspects returned firewood and apologized.”

Linda Seaton, manager of the vintage store Whoa Nelly, told police that the green umbrella she keeps outside the store for shade disappeared during the night of Aug. 18. An employee of Shagwong restaurant, which is next door, told officers he had seen a garbage truck from the East Hampton Parks Department cart away the umbrella. Police gave Ms. Seaton the department’s phone number.

An eight-year-old Hampton Cruiser bicycle was stolen from outside Greenlines last week.

Wooden posts used by lifeguards to secure tarps at the I.G.A. beach went up in flames in a beach bonfire on the night of Aug. 7. Richard Monahan, a town lifeguard, reported that the volleyball net and posts were destroyed as well, to the tune of about $400.

Sag Harbor

Alicia Bythewood of Meredith Avenue called police on Aug. 20 after receiving an unwelcome package addressed to her daughter, Brie Bythewood, who starred in the first season of Bravo Network’s reality TV series “Blood, Sweat, and Heels.” The package contained a vibrator. Her daughter has had problems with a stalker in the past, Ms. Bythewood said. Detectives are following up.

A birthday party thrown by a Harbor Avenue woman generated three separate calls to the police on Aug. 19. The first caller reported cars speeding on the street, which brought police to Kristen Quadland’s house, who assured them that she would tell the guests to drive safely upon leaving. That call came in a little before midnight. Shortly after, Ms. Quadland called police to report that a group of uninvited youths had shown up and were smoking marijuana in the front yard. The youths dispersed when police arrived. The final call came in at 1:36 a.m. from a Harbor Avenue neighbor who reported a fight was going on. Ms. Quadland told police that “two males were asked to leave the party,” but that to the best of her knowledge, no fight had occurred.

An Eastville Avenue woman, Kristian Gale, called early Saturday morning to report a possible prowler. She became suspicious, she said, when her dogs began to bark, so she went out to investigate and saw “a shadowy figure” leaving the property. “This has happened two other times,” she told police. She was advised to remain inside if it happened again, and to phone 911. 
Noel Hankin of Harding Terrace complained late Sunday night of barking dogs. Mr. Hankin told officers the dogs had been barking all night. It sounded like they were across nearby Rattlesnake Creek at the Sag Harbor Golf Course, he said.


A 2002 Jeep parked outside Michaels’ restaurant on Maidstone Park Road was damaged by vandals on Aug. 19. Skyler Conklin told police she had left the Jeep there all day, returning early that evening to find a four-inch scratch in the finish.
A second Jeep was also badly scratched, possibly with a key, last Thursday night or Friday morning. Its owner, Sara Lucas of Norfolk Drive, was unsure where or when the vandal struck, since she had parked in three different locations the night before. Police said the scratches on the 2004 Jeep Cherokee were extensive.

A black 1988 Honda XR600 dirt bike was stolen from a 16th Street backyard overnight last Thursday. The bike, which has a custom seat and is missing its front sprocket cover, is difficult to start and is keyless, according to the police report. Eric Drew told police he had just bought it, for $2,000, and had left it in his brother’s backyard. The thief cut through a wire fence and pushed the bike out.