On the Police Logs 09.04.14

East Hampton Village

An early-morning dispute on Aug. 25 between a cab driver and his boss became heated when the cabby’s passengers joined in. Police arrived and were told that the employer was “bullying” his driver. The driver denied it, the passengers paid the fare and went their way, and cabby and boss both returned to work.

A bicycle valued at $400 was stolen from the Main Beach bike rack on Aug. 23.

Police cited a Melville man Saturday evening for illegal peddling at Main Beach, during the holiday fireworks. He was said to be selling “light-up toys.”

A Lily Pond Lane house got a visit from police a little before midnight on Saturday after a noise complaint was called in. The event-planning staff agreed to turn the music off.

Another noise complaint, this one on Toilsome Lane, earned the homeowner a summons at about 2 a.m. on Monday. Officers reported that they “could hear the noise from the street.”

A black iPad Air valued at $1,500 was stolen from a 2011 Cadillac parked outside the Bridgehampton National Bank on Gingerbread Lane Sunday morning. The owner told police he had placed several newspapers over the iPad to conceal it before leaving the car. A white pickup truck was parked nearby when he went into the bank, he said.

Police received a report Sunday morning of several garbage bags lying on the westbound shoulder of Montauk Highway between Stephen Hand’s Path and Cove Hollow Road, including one bag that the caller believed contained a human body. Police “checked all bags and found only garbage inside.” The bags had been placed there by a highway cleanup crew.

A Maidstone Avenue man told police on Aug. 26 that he had received a call on his answering machine from someone claiming to be from the I.R.S., telling him that if he did not call a certain phone number he would be arrested. Police advised him that the call was a scam.

“Two deer in the pool” was the complaint from a Pondview Lane resident Friday afternoon. When police arrived, the deer had left the property through an open gate.


The rear window of a 2010 Volkswagen parked in a Roosevelt Avenue driveway was smashed by a Heineken bottle in the overnight hours of Aug. 26. Arnold Kriss told police in the morning that he had heard nothing, and estimated repair at $1,000.

A fishing trip was spoiled when a Massapequa man’s iPhone was stolen from his car, parked in front of the 7-Eleven early Friday morning. David Dellarocca reported the theft at the Montauk police substation, then continued on to the dock for his day of fishing.

Trespassing was the complaint from a Hoppin Avenue man Friday morning. Joseph Lukas told police he had gone downtown to his bank at around 10:40 a.m. When he returned in half an hour, someone had entered the house and rummaged through closets and drawers. Nothing appeared to be missing, though.

A New Yorker, Michael Gaffney, left his Walden Magic Future Flex surfboard, white with gray trim, hidden in bushes at the end of Surfside Avenue, at the cut into Shadmoor State Park, on the morning of Aug. 25. When he returned an hour later, the board, valued at $1,500, was gone. Its serial number is ID 8-15-13.

Sometime overnight on Aug. 24, persons unknown climbed onto the roof of the former East Deck motel and placed rocks there, damaging a gutter. The property manager, Wayne Schrage, told police the vandalism occurred between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Erin Boyle’s Apple iPhone was stolen at the Memory Motel around midnight on Aug. 24. The next morning she was able to track the black-and-white 5C, using Find My iPhone on her home computer, to a construction site on a private road off Hedges Lane in Bridgehampton. She told police she would not press charges if the phone was returned. Police did not disclose the outcome of the case.

Sag Harbor

Howard North, a firefighter, was injured while responding to a small fire on Bay Street Saturday afternoon, when a cap on a fire hydrant blew off. He was knocked down by the rush of water, as was a motorcycle belonging to Inadi Harriot, who said its handlebars and gauges were damaged.

A Union Street house under renovation had some unwelcome visitors Sunday evening. As police arrived at 20 Union Street, about eight “male and female youths exited” through the rear windows and doors. Police questioned one youth, who said he used to live there and just wanted to check on the renovation. His parents were contacted.

Pierce Hance, a former Sag Harbor mayor, found a decorative metal reindeer that belongs to a Main Street neighbor of his at Otter Pond on Aug. 27. It was apparently dumped there by vandals.


A newly installed Daikin air-conditioning external condenser was stolen between Aug. 20 and Aug. 23 from a Harbor View Lane house undergoing renovations. The unit, with serial number C005338, was valued by the owner, Charles Newman, at about $2,300.

The radio antenna of a 2007 Hyundai was reported stolen last Thursday by its owner, Erik Lopez, who told police the car was parked in the Whalebone Village lot on Boatheader’s Lane. He estimated replacement cost at about $100.

Tomas Argoaz borrowed a friend’s black Trek bicycle, valued at $800, and took it to Damark’s Deli, leaving it in the parking lot. When he returned half an hour later, the bike was gone. Bruce Damark told police that a shoplifter had left the store with two pastries and a container of Gatorade at the time the bike disappeared. It appears from the heavily blacked-out report that detectives have focused on a local youth. Both Mr. Damark and Angel Graces, the bike’s  owner, say they will press charges.