Routine D.W.I Arrests

Despite the holiday weekend, local police corralled a relatively small number of drivers to charge with drunken driving. Tyler S. Sizse, 20, of Montauk, was one of them. He was driving north on Essex Street there early Sunday morning, on what he told police was his way home from the Memory Motel, when he failed to negotiate a turn onto South Fairview Avenue. The 2002 Hyundai he was driving wound up with extensive front-end damage, but Mr. Sizse was able to walk away unhurt.

“I had four beers at the Memory,” he told police. Tested at East Hampton Town Police headquarters in Wainscott, his blood alcohol was .22 of 1 percent, well over the .18 reading that triggers a misdemeanor charge of aggravated drunken driving. Later Sunday morning, he was arraigned before Justice Steven Tekulsky, who said he was “very lucky to have his parents present in his support.” He was released without bail, due to his connection to the community.

A report of a “possibly stolen vehicle” led to the arrest of Cally Christina Moskouris Orlando on Monday night. Though the report was unfounded, Ms. Moskouris Orlando, who was pulled over on North Main Street in East Hampton about 15 minutes after the call came in, ended up arrested on a drunken driving charge. Police said she refused to take a breath test at headquarters, which may have been a mistake. “I had a drink earlier in the day. It was some kind of alcohol, mixed with orange juice,” she reportedly told the police officer making the arrest. If, indeed, she  only had one drink earlier in the day, an attorney might have been able to negotiate for a reduced charge of driving with ability impaired, a mere violation, providing the alcohol reading was low and the defendant had no criminal record. By refusing to take the test, she wound up with a suspended license.

A New York woman, Chelsea A. Dougherty, 27, received another charge of aggravated drunken driving after her arrest early Saturday morning by East Hampton Village police. She was driving a 2012 Honda Civic when she was pulled over for allegedly speeding. At village police headquarters on Cedar Street, her blood alcohol level was recorded as .18, resulting in the aggravated D.W.I. charge. Bail was set at $500, which was posted.

East Hampton Town Police also arrested Joanne Gerdes, 61, of Seaford and Ross H. Haime of New York on D.W.I. charges. Details were unavailable.

Over in Southampton Town in the last few days, police made two arrests of East Hampton-area residents on drunken driving charges. Calixto Cruz, 28, of Wainscott was pulled over in Saga?ponack minutes after midnight Saturday. Jose Espinoza-Vintinilla, 22, of East Hampton, was arrested Sunday night.

Sag Harbor police arrested Cierra J. Ryder, 21, of York, Pa., early on the morning of Aug. 26 on a D.W.I. charge. It is not clear from the police report whether she was charged with aggravated drunken driving or the lower misdemeanor charge. A breath test, which she took at the side of the road, registered .19, police said, She took another test at police headquarters, on Division Street, which would have been admissible as evidence, but the result was blacked out on the report. It appears that she was released without bail.