Early Morning Brawl

East Hampton Town police were called to quell a disturbance near Liar’s Saloon in Montauk early Sunday but ended up having to subdue a neighboring resident. According to police, Christopher S. Verity, 23, took a fighting stance against four officers, allegedly striking and kicking all four.

Police subdued him and placed him in the back of a patrol car, where he allegedly began kicking and head-butting the right rear door, damaging it. A misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief was added to one of resisting arrest. He is also facing four charges of harassment, one for each officer, at least one of whom appears to have needed medical treatment. An entry in the police call log, made about an hour after the arrest at Mr. Verity’s address, notes “injured on duty.”

The arrest happened at about 4 a.m. Because of his level of intoxication, police said, Mr. Verity was held for arraignment on Monday. Bail was set at $500, which was posted. He is scheduled to return to court Sept. 29 to face a charge of driving while intoxicated stemming from a separate incident.

Two residents of Greenwich, Conn., ended up in town police custody last week in unrelated incidents. Jeff N. Stone, 54, was charged with petty larceny after allegedly shoplifting a Stanley and Sons leather tote bag, which sells for about $200 online, from Pilgrim Surf Supply in Amagansett Square on Sept. 7. He was released from police custody without bail and will be arraigned today.

The other man, David C. Warren, 64, was pulled over and arrested on East Lake Drive in Montauk late Saturday afternoon. He was charged with possession of a forged government instrument, a beach parking sticker. He is the third out-of-towner arrested on the charge, which is a felony, in the past week.

Mr. Warren, who said at his arraignment that he has moored a boat in Lake Montauk for many years, reportedly told police he had bought the sticker from a stranger and put it on his 2009 Honda. He was held overnight and released in the morning without bail, but with a future date on the court’s crowded criminal calendar.