On The Police Logs 10.26.17

East Hampton

The sign on Route 114 guiding drivers to East Hampton Airport was found vandalized with spray paint on Friday. James Brundige, the manager, told police he had seen the sign free of graffiti two days earlier.

A former tenant, apparently trying to retrieve some possessions, damaged the door to one of the apartments at Hampton Mews on Montauk Highway at some time since August. The report was redacted, and no charges were filed.

Douglas DeGroot, the owner of the Buckskill Tennis Club, called police on Oct. 11, saying  a former employee had shown up that morning and begun shouting obscenities. When told police would be called, she left the club, but police got in touch with her and warned that if she didn’t stay away from the facility she would face a trespassing charge. 

East Hampton Village

An East Hampton resident who had been at the customer service desk at Stop and Shop on Newtown Lane left her iPhone 6S Plus behind when she left the store on Oct. 16. By the time she realized her mistake and went back inside, the phone was gone. It was described as white, in a pink case, and with a cracked screen.

Police followed estate sale signs to a Montauk Highway residence Saturday morning, where Estate Sales by Yasemin, which is based in Southampton, was running one. Such sales, which are limited in the village to one per address per year, and can run for three days, require permits. Yasemin O’Neill was ticketed for not having the permit and for posting signs on the public right of way.

Police went to Two Mile Hollow Beach Saturday afternoon after being called about someone shooting skeet there. They found that a Manhattan man was within the proper area for shooting skeet and told the caller that no violations had been observed. 


The padlock on the gate to the radio tower near the Montauk recycling center was removed at some point earlier this month and replaced with another padlock. Edward Schnell, a town employee, told police on Oct. 12 that it appeared nothing had been damaged or stolen.

Sag Harbor

Anna Santacroce, who works at the 7-Eleven on Long Island Avenue, told police last Thursday that her 2005 Chevrolet Aveo, which was parked outside while she was working at night, had its rear passenger door scratched and the driver’s side lock removed.

On Friday, a conversation between two women and a man they did not know ended with a call to police when one of the women became concerned because he told them he had just been released from prison and asked where they lived and if they lived alone. Anna Linnman said she wanted the incident documented. 

Mark Cotter told an officer on foot patrol on Main Street Sunday that his wife and daughter were sitting outside a shop when they were approached by a stranger shouting profanities. Mr. Cotter was across the street at the time, but said he thought he saw the unknown man pull out a can of mace. The stranger told Mr. Cotter he didn’t want any problems and walked away. Police were unable to locate him.

A Bridgehampton High School teenager who takes a school bus to Pierson High School to play soccer, put her bag down after arriving at the school last Thursday and went to practice for about an hour and a half. She returned to Bridgehampton on the bus and didn’t realize until the next day the $600 she had had in her purse was missing.


Sharon Ames of Bucks Path contacted police on Oct. 16 to let them know that the potential buyer of a Baldwin piano she had listed for sale on Craigslist earlier this month, had  sent her what appeared to be a certified check from Icon Bank for $1,620, although she was asking for only $400. Suspicious, Ms. Ames checked with her bank, and learned that the check was a fake.